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Friday, August 31, 2007

KC Jockey & Santalina SHAKE video hits

CONGRATS KC Jockey & Santalina... music video SHAKE breaks record!!!!

Here is a quote from Rob Schwartz of

BILLBOARD…If you go to, click under “video/tv/radio” and the “music video” tab, it will take you straight to the top new videos (or just click here… The profiled video is Santalina’s “Shake” video featuring KC Jockey. It was just a few days ago when the “Shake” video SMASHED a record for “most viewed video by an unsigned artist” on a Billboard site ( with 59,615 plays in 3 days (old record was 17,000)

Keep up the great work KC Jockey & Santalina.


DAngel pens - One Minute Man for the King

Today, One876Entertainment got a copy of a saucy song by a female artiste which suggests that 'Minute man fi get bun'. The song is voiced on a 80s one-drop song and in the introduction, the artiste uses D'Angel's signature introduction, 'Anso' and declares 'this is Angel'.

DAngel2.jpgIf some bwoy nah gimme the wok right, him haffi get some bun around here, ANSO

Some bwoy fi get bun, bun-bun-bun
Minute man fi get bun, bun-bun-bun
Some bwoy fi get bun-bun-de-bun-bun
Minute man fi get bun-bun-bun

Bwoy gwaan like him waan come hate me body
Just through him hear say me a par wid Teddy
Through him know say dem man de big and heavy
And di man plan fi buy me a brand new Chevy
Mi dun tell the bwoy mi waan a strong man fi come hackle mi body
From wah day ya, mi notice say the bwoy nuh ready

Listen track here

Is this really D'Angel? And who is Teddy? Is this short hard for 'teddy bear'? And is he really big and heavy physically? Or does the 'big and heavy' dispensation refer to his deep pockets, and fat bankroll?

If this is really the female artiste known as D'Angel, it could be a startling revelation of infidelity, or maybe it is just a fictional narrative penned by D'Angel. While this song does not have the same emotional currency of Rihanna's Unfaithful, it is striking in its - to use the local parlance -- 'barefacedness' and its impish mean-spiritedness.

During an interview two weeks ago, Beenie Man had told a One876Entertainment reporter that she had done a song saying 'Beenie Man fi get bun'.

"How she fi even do a song like that?" he had said, shaking his head. "Me fi get bun?"

Efforts to get a comment from D'Angel proved futile

We had thought that it was a rumour until this week when we heard the track. One876Entertainment is trying to ascertain who the producer of the track is.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Master P and Lil Romeo links with T-Mobile

Master P & Romeo Team with T-Mobile to Promote New Sidekick LX.

The grassroots campaign is to show the world that the Sidekick is still the most popular and preferred smart phone in urban communities despite recent entries such as the Apple iPhone and Blackberry Curve.

“Everywhere I go I take my Sidekick with me: school, the movie set, out on the road,” said Romeo. “It allows me to run my business and keep in touch with my friends. Texting is still the leading way of communication for us youth. I need my Sidekick like I need my Rap Snacks! I gotta have ‘em!”

“The Sidekick is the most important device for running my ventures,” said Master P. “I can’t always talk on the phone, but I can shoot off a quick text to close the deal when I need to.”
The Miller Boyz are so crazy about their Sidekicks, they even created a song about the phone for their new album, Hip-Hop History, the first profanity-free street record available from Take A Stand Records, due out September 4, 2007. Look for the upcoming videos for “Sidekick” and “Let The Kids Grow” on BET, MTV, and online soon. Also, pick up Master P’s new book, Guaranteed Success.

The companies are promoting education, communication, and responsibility and their grassroots campaign will consist of a nationwide high school and college tour.

First Master P made it cool to be country, now he and Romeo have made it cool to create positive rap music. T-Mobile and the Miller Boyz are making Hip-hop history.
Lyrics from the Miller Boyz song, “Sidekick”:
Hip-hop history is why the boy changed
Take A Stand Records coming hard in the game
The black Donald Trump, man you know I does it big , Can’t stay out the hood cause you know I love the kids, Hit me on my Sidekick...

Press Release

Yendi Phillips - Miss Jamaica World 2007

CONGRATS!!!!!! Yendi Phillips

In a sold-out, excitement packed Grand Coronation Show, Yendi Phillipps – Miss Perfectil - completely dominated her highly acclaimed competition to win the coveted Miss Jamaica World 2007 title. Yendi now sets her sights on the Miss World Pageant which takes place in Sanya, China on December 1.

On a night in which the crowd favourites obliged, Rosina Casserly 2nd Place, was awarded the title Miss Jamaica World 1st Princess while Jodi Shaw, 3rd Place, was awarded the title Miss Jamaica World 2nd Princess. Racquel Powell and Renae Ellis rounded out the Top 5. Tiffany Ellis, the reigning Miss Jamaica World Western, missed out on a Top 5 placing by the narrowest of margins as contestants in the Miss Jamaica World Western Pageant continue to be competitive in the national event.

However, the star of the night was indisputably Yendi Phillipps who won 3 of the 4 Miss Jamaica World Fast Track Competitions – Beach Beauty, Talent and Sports – in addition to the Most Aware and the Public’s Choice Award. The other Awards – Best Model and Most Congenial were won by Renae Ellis, Miss Jergens, and Simone Poot, Miss O’Riley’s Rum Cream respectively.

Uzuri International – their gowns and dresses were once again a big hit with the audience – was given a special award for their contribution to the Miss Jamaica World Pageant. Uzuri Director Karl Williams, who accepted the Award, also choreographed the on stage Model Competition which was a highlight of the show.
Click here for Grand Coronation photographs
Press Release : Miss Jamaica Word

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Police raids DMX's Home - Suspected Drugs Found

Hey DMX.... I am you number one fan... not to worry

Police who raided the Cave Creek, Arizona home of superstar rapper DMX have revealed that they have found a half-pound of suspected illegal narcotics, adding to to a list of charges that could be possibly filed against the rapper.

Officers in Maricopa County raided DMX's house on Friday (August 24), after neighbors complained to police that dogs were being subjected to the extreme Arizona heat and that the animals were constantly barking and being mistreated.

Read More

When you read the rest of the story you will be asking your self this question. Will my boy DMX be charged since he is on tour and left someone in charge of his dogs?


Gays & Lesbians vs Reggae Artistes in New York

Gay and lesbian activists are planning to protest the performers outside of the Reggae Carifest in New York today (Saturday August 25) to educate sponsors and concert goers on the dangers of anti-gay lyrics.

The festival which will be held at Randall’s Island was created to promote peace among cultures is being denounced by gay and lesbian groups for allowing performers with a history of anti-gay lyrics.

Today’s event will feature performances by Buju Banton and Bounty Killer, among several other acts at the day-long event.

Rashad Robinson, a spokesman for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) said the performers have a right to free speech, but so do protest groups. "We as an organisation value free speech. It gives us the right to stand up to vulgar anti-gay lyrics which promote violence," he said.

The City Parks Department, which operates Randall's Island, said in a statement yesterday that all performers signed a code of conduct agreeing to refrain from performing anti-gay lyrics at the promoter's request.

The issue of anti-gay lyrics in reggae and other Jamaican music surfaced years ago when Banton released “Boom Bye Bye,” which glorifies the shooting of gay men. The Beenie Man song “Han Up Deh” calls for a lesbian to be hanged, while TOK's song “Chi Chi Man” suggests the burning of gay men.

A concert last summer at Webster Hall was cancelled after a similar uproar over performers Beenie Man and TOK. Also last summer, British concerts featuring Banton and Beenie Man were cancelled after activists said the artistes refused to stop using anti-gay lyrics.

Reggae Carifest first launched in 1998 at the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens and has been held at Keyspan Park, Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium and, most recently, Randall's Island. Promoters call the show an "explosion of West Indian exhibitionism".


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gay Entertainers Exposed

Former Hollywood Publicist Exposes Gay Entertainers; Ludacris Affair With Gay Porn Star...

I am going give you a few sentences from Jonathan Jaxson's Blog site... he has mentioned names of major Hip Hop super stars and actors you are allegedly gay/lesbian....

J.J’s at it again. The Hollywood blogger turned celebrity tattle who brought us the tidbits on Eve ordering lezzie hookers during a recent stay in Miami is now outing every member of Black Hollywood from Diddy down to Ludacris and Suge Knight.

It is said from a TOP Atlanta celebrity stylists that R. Kelly, Ja Rule, DMX all slept with their male fashion stylist. Oh and R. Kelly’s brother outed him a while back too… ere is the beginning of my post.

Click on link to read more on Jonthan Jaxon's Blog site

People this is mind blowing... I was so shocked..... I need somebody to hold up me up on my chair.. .trust me when you read might someone to hold on to....


JAY-Z Exposed Part 2

Watch the JAY-Z Exposed Saga....... PART 2...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Foxy Brown Arrested!!!!!

PREGNANT!!!!!!!!Female rap super star FOXY BROWN made international news today when Judge Melissa Jackson remanded her in custody because she violated her probation......Brown was booked at Manhattan Criminal Court and handed over to authorities.

Foxy is heading for a woman's jail on Rickers Island.....

In addition to that FOXY is planning to get married....... Damn how is she gonna get herself out of this one?.....

Click on this link to read and watch more on FOXY BROWN's Jail Drama

What is going on FOXY?...... My question is who is the baby..Is it the reggae artiste she was with with in Africa few weeks ago?......the world wants to know...... Click on the link to view pic


Vote of Jamaican Model- American Top Model

People I want you to vote for this Jamaican Model SAKINA hoping to the next AMERICAN TOP MODEL

Check out the profile and give her your support....

Click on this link to VOTE for SAKINA

Big up this Jamaican representing JAMAICA LAND WE LOVE.....

Respect everytime,

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beyonce Shirt Lifts At Toronto Concert

People you need to watch this one... Beyonce shirt lifted up during her performance in Toronto.....
You need to watch this.... Please don't let this warpy video fool you ... eyewitnesses jaws dropped in amazement.....

Thank you and

KC Jockey hits

BIG up KC Jockey on his new achievements..... his video TIC TOC is featured on the new online interactive film WHERE MY LADIES AT.

Check out the site

Another reggae artiste representing Jamaica!!!! Big up KC Jockey

Click on the link below to participate in this forum

Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007

Photographer Beaten By Police..HELP!!!!

I hope you can help this Canadian HIP HOP Photographer.... Sign his petition...

African American Photographer BEATEN by Toronto Police seeks to have CHARGES DROPPED!!!!
TORONTO, CANADA...October 16, 2006, at approximately 1:40 pm after checking out of the Econolodge Hotel (335 Jarvis Street) and while in the process of hailing a taxi, Black Americans Tonye Allen and his fiancee, Ann Brown, were assaulted by several Downtown Toronto policemen from the 51st division. Mr. Allen, who did not resist, was beaten and pepper sprayed several times while handcuffed and in police custody. Ms. Brown was choked, shoved, and threatened with arrest as well.

Mr. Allen was never told why he was being detained. The arresting police refused to tell Ms. Brown where they were taking Mr. Allen. After locating the correct police station, Ms. Brown spoke with a "Det. Moyer," who said he "hadn't decided" what he was going to charge Mr. Allen with. Ultimately, Mr. Allen was charged with assault of two police and resisting arrest, times two.

After Ms. Brown posted cash bail of $1,000, Mr. Allen's passport was taken by "Det. Matthew Moyer."

Mr. Allen was unarmed. He had never been arrested. He had no criminal history. He has no history of drug/alcohol abuse or psychiatric problems. Mr. Allen and Ms. Brown are seeking publicity and legal references to help fight these false charges.

Mr. Allen is a photojournalist who works professionally under the name "TRILOBITE." His work has appeared in: Essence, Vibe, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, The Source Magazine, and on the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries." He has worked for Sony Music, PolyGram Records, Def Jam Records, and Interscope Records, among others. Ms. Brown is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Essence, Black Enterprise, Upscale Magazine, The Source , and various other publications.

Mr. Allen and Ms. Brown were in Toronto on their way to South Africa.

Tonye Allen sustained the following injuries:
Head abrasions and bruises
Ear abrasions and bruises
Possible concussion

Right eye: deep cut on eyelid
Black left/right eyes
Damaged left eye, loss of sight (previous 20-20+ vision)
Left ear loss of hearing
Lip bruised
Dislocated jaw
Abrasions/bruises on right cheek
Right and left shoulders contusions and bruises
Left wrist: deep cuts, ligature marks, nerve damage
Right wrist: cuts, ligature marks, nerve damage
Left and right hands: abrasions, nerve damage
Right ring finger dislocated
Bruised ribs
Abrasions on torso
Bruised thoracic vertebrae
Left and right knees: abrasions and bruises
*This is not a full medical assessment/photos taken 10-20-06


Read More

Name (or Anonymous), zip code, age (optional), city.

MAY 11th : TRIAL SET FOR NOV. 21, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007 is HOTTT!!!!

I strongly recommend that you watch the www.WHEREMYLADIESAT. com episodes.....

Let's Talk About Ho's.... Women lead the fight to reclaim HIP HOP

Where My Ladies At? is a "next generation" interactive film about Ho's, Hip Hop, and Sexuality.

Beginning August 10th, Where My Ladies At? will follow 4 people for 30 days in real time on the internet. The format will allow the audience to watch as they try to make a living and keep their dignity in the burgeoning Hip Hop sex industry.

Where My Ladies At? provides a space for a young, urban audience to explore issues of sexuality within Hip Hop. The film encourages users to dialogue about "pop culture porn" through blogs, video diaries, SMS forums, conversations with female Hip Hop pioneers, and a PSA video competition for youth.

Award-winning filmmaker, Leba Haber Rubinoff, created the project online because the internet is accessible, free and anonymous. She says, "Young people need a place to express themselves and ask questions. We're sold the idea that this "pornified" sexuality is empowering, but we need to know what young women think is sexy and powerful."

Although Where My Ladies At? targets Hip Hop, the film tackles larger societal issues, "Women of color are seen as sexual objects and not as people but as commodities and property," says Toni Blackman, US State Department's Hip Hop Cultural Ambassador, who is featured on the website.

The film is both a critique and celebration of Hip Hop, and women's accomplishments are showcased in a timeline of artists and pioneers.

Dr. Roxanne Shante, a Hip Hop pioneer who has her PhD in Psychology, says, "This film is the true blueprint for females in Hip Hop. Finally a film that showcases female talents, not just their assets. Now I know where my ladies at!"

Where My Ladies At? is guaranteed to ignite the debate and challenge the audience. You ready?

For further information contact:

Interactive Filmmaking
Leba Haber Rubinoff
917. 459.3004

Jay is #1 says

While most of us look forward to retirement, Shawn Carter, better known to the planet as master rapper Jay-Z, couldn't stand the view from the sidelines following his 2003 farewell The Black Album. Despite a frenetic schedule as president of Def Jam Recordings and co-founder of its ultra-successful Roc-A-Fella Records imprint, Jay-Z managed to squeeze in a comeback last year with Kingdom Come, his 11th studio album, which debuted at the top of the pop and rap music charts, selling some 2 million copies.

Click Here To

1. Jay Z
2. 50 Cent
3. Diddy
4. Timbaland
5. Dr Dre
6. Eminem
7. Snopp Dogg
8. Kayne West
9. Pharrell Williams
10. Scott Storch
11. Ludacris
12. T.I.
13. Outkast
14. Lil Jon
15. Ice Cube
16. Jermaine Dupri
17. Swizz Beatz
18. Chamillionare
19. The Game
20. Young Joc

Jamaican Lawyer wants to legalise GANJA

READ THIS RELEASE ..... I think it is very interesting.... I received this minutes ago


To Whom It May Concern: I am Conrad Powell, Attorney-at-Law, running as the NDM candidate for MP in South East St. Elizabeth. My main platform is the legalization of ganja, creation of factories to produce by-products from ganja, and the creation of hemp factories in South East St. Elizabeth. I have received strong support from many farmers in the area. Research indicates that there is a large market for medical marijuana as well as pharmaceutical products made from ganja. Furthermore, there is a large market for industrial hemp used in rope materials and car production. Please contact me for an interview. My contact information is as follows: Cell- 416-2919 Office- 929-1991


Conrad Milton Powell was born in Ballard's Valley, Saint Elizabeth to Vernice Stephenson and Milton Powell. He migrated to the United States in 1978. He attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Government. He matriculated to Howard University School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctorate Law Degree. Thereafter, he was called to the District of Columbia, United States, Bar. In 2004, he returned to Jamaica where he attended Norman Manley School of Law. Thereafter he was called to the JAMAICAN bar. He lives in Junction, St. Elizabeth and has a practice in Kingston and is soon to open a law office in Junction, St. Elizabeth. He is the current NDM candidate for South East Saint Elizabeth in the upcoming 2007 General Elections. He runs on a platform of job creation by way of (1) legalization of Ganja and the creation of factories in South East St. Elizabeth to produce by products of the plant as well as source the legal medical ganja market (2) creation of hemp factories to produce by-products, and (3) Creation of a Farmer's Association to regulate prices of goods as well as provide subsidized or low-costs fertilizers and tools of the trade.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Congrats: Mary J. Blige is Pregnant

August 16, 2007. Looks like the Queen of R&B Soul may have a little one on the way. One of Mary J Blige's relatives confirmed to that the platinum-selling artist and her husband Kendu Isaacs are expecting their first child.

Mary's kin told exclusively, "We just found out about [the pregnancy] yesterday and everyone's happy about it.". The family member continued, "Mary and [Kendu] have been trying to get pregnant for close to a year and [they] did it .... They're very blessed in so many ways."

The 36 year old Mary has been married to Kendu for nearly four years. In the past, the entertainer claimed that she wanted 2 kids with her husband. Well, she's almost half way there. Congratulations Mary!!!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Foxy Brown in court AGAIN?????

Foxy Brown turned herself into Brooklyn authorities yesterday (August 14) and was charged with felony assault for allegedly smacking her neighbor with her Blackberry cell phone.

According to New York's WABC, the incident occurred last month during a heated argument between Brown and the unidentified woman at the corner of Carlton Avenue and Prospect Place on July 30.

The 25-year-old woman was then rushed to Brooklyn Hospital with loose teeth and swelling around her lip and right eye. She filed a complaint with police, and after an investigation, Foxy (born Inga Marchand) agreed to turn herself in.

Brown was charged with felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon. She was arraigned last night and released on $5,000 bail. Her next court date is September 26.

The incident adds to Brown's growing legal woes. She is currently on probation for assaulting two manicurists in Manhattan's Bloomie Nails in 2004 and will be standing trial in Florida on a battery charge next month for spitting and throwing hair glue at a beauty store employee.

In related news, the Brooklyn bred rapper recently announced that she has left long-time recording home Def Jam and has started her own independent imprint called Black Rose Entertainment to be distributed by Koch Records.

The deal makes Foxy the first female MC to be given their own imprint under the Koch umbrella. Although the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, label sources revealed it was a multi-million dollar negotiation that was signed after office hours.

Brown is slated to be the first artist to release material through the new label, gearing up to release the street album, Brooklyn's Don Diva, which is scheduled to drop sometime in December. The album will be the first since 2001's Broken Silence on Def Jam and the first since regaining her hearing.

"I have always been a symbol of independence as a female in music," Foxy said via a statement. "My brand is already established, millions of my records have already been sold, and I have a fan base already loyal, after 13 years at Def Jam, I felt it was time as a matured business women to move on and continue my brand under the roof of something I own."


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jah Cure's Performance in Holland BOOM!!!


What a show. Excellent band, including Dean Fraser as the director of the bunch, with Jah Cure giving an excellent set; wicked performance. All big tunes, audience very excited, Cure loving it too, lovely combo with Jah Mason (Run Come Love Me), Cure's voice sounded great live too. Very nice moment to witness, his first full performance after release (no need for discussing details of that again, been there). Tunes played were Longing For, Jah Bless Me, Jamaica, King In This Jungle, Run Come Love Me (feat. Jah Mason), Jamaica, What Will It Take, Good Morning Jah Jah, I'm Still Around, Reflections, Ghetto Life, Sticky, Love Is and maybe one or two more I can't recall now. My highlight of this year's festival no doubt!

Overall a good festival with stand-out performances for me by Natural Black, Tony Rebel, Bunny Wailer and Jah Cure. Mafia & Fluxy did a great job backing Gregory Isaacs, but the man himself had some throat-problems and didn't sound too good, nice to seem him still. Also nice to see acts like Marcia Griffiths, Tarrus Riley, Yellowman, Gyptian, LUST, Lutan Fyah (wasn't as good as previous time), Jah Mason (replaced Richie Spice), Capleton and Jimmy Cliff too.

Last but certainly not least, great to meet up with the Irish crew as well (dots69, rez and others), total niceness!



Where My Ladies At?
weekly blow by blow!


Where My Ladies At? is an interactive film about Hip Hop + Sex. Write to us and we'll write back to you!

We are going to follow Keisha and Cielo, two New Yorkers who know the Hip Hop adult industry inside and out, for the next 30 days.

This is a conversation about Hip Hop, women and sexuality. It's time to talk honestly about the roles and representation of women in the industry.

Come check out the site. We have Hip Hop pioneers talking shop, a video competition, and a whole lotta controversy.

From music videos to strip clubs, from underground clubs to community organizations, get the low down on the state of women in Hip Hop.
Shout out to Keisha, Cielo, 01 and our crew.

Dr. Roxanne Shante, one of our Hip Hop pioneers, hosts a forum our site

01 was in "Cash Money Click" with Ja Rule and Jody Mack back in 94.

You can see Cielo in the "International Players Anthem" UGK/Outkast video

Keisha was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in her high school graduating class.


"Keisha, you are sexy. Make that money from the fools who will pay for it."
Posted by G

"Your daughters jus going to end up shaking her ass like her mama. get a real job and be a f***ing role model for young girls, dont go writing a book on your sins."
Posted by melymel

"I am so tired of seeing sisters think it's either working the pole, working the videos or taking our clothes off. Our mothers worked way too hard, our people struggled way too long for us."
Posted by Sandra


"younger people think hip hop is JUST music. it's a culture and i claim it so i take it personal. i want my kids to grow up knowing what hip-hop really is, not what the scavengers who have made it into their own tell us."
Posted by dopeswan

"Sex is a natural thing, making money off of it can't be all of hip hop's fault..."
Posted by tek_one

tekone image
a video response to cielo
was posted by tekonedigital

OZONE Awards Winners delivers to you first hand the winners of the 2007 Ozone Awards. Did your favorite Southern artist take home the "O" Award?

(Winners in Bold)

DJ Khaled "We Takin' Over" Directed by Gil Green
Ludacris f/ Young Jeezy "Grew Up A Screw Up" Directed by Chaka Zulu
Pimp C "Knockin Doors Down" Directed by Benny Boom
Three 6 Mafia "Doe Boy Fresh" Directed by Gil Green
Young Buck "Get Buck" Directed by Bernard Gourley

Young Jeezy - The Inspiration

Lil Wayne

Diamond and Princess of Crime Mob


Plies f/ T-Pain "Shawty"

Other Award Winners...

Lil Wayne

Lil Boosie


Rick Ross

Rich Boy f/ Polow "Throw Some D's"

Lil Wayne

Devin The Dude

Polow da Don

Akon - Konvicted



DJ Drama

DJ Khaled

DJ Q45

Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance To the Grind


BA Boys

Lil Ru

Sean Kingston

Gorilla Zoe


Hurricane Chris

Soulja Boy

Kia Shine

Tum Tum


The Game - Doctor's Advocate

Mistah FAB


Lil Romeo Purchased Rap Snacks Inc

Romeo Miller (formerly Lil' Romeo) has purchased the snack foods company Rap Snacks, Inc, makers of the popular potato chip brand Rap Snacks, "The Official Snack of Hip-Hop." Like father, like son, Romeo is on his way towards building generational wealth. This young entrepreneur is really elevating his game to the next level by taking the company to wall street and allowing the public to buy into his exciting brand.

Bags of Rap Snacks bear the image of famous hip-hop artists such as Romeo, Master P, and Yung Joc - and each have a unique flavor. Romeo's signature flavor of Rap Snacks is "Bar-B-Quin' With My Honey." Rap Snacks are currently available at 7-11 stores nationwide and will be appearing in cafeterias, convenience stores, and supermarkets soon.

Romeo has been busy this summer with the launch of his new record company, Take A Stand Records, the upcoming father/son album, Hip-Hop History, the launch of his new clothing line, Gumbo Station, and his book," Guaranteed Success For Teens." This 17 year-old superstar basketball player is going to USC on a full scholarship, but already Romeo is finding himself enjoying great success and laughing all the way to the bank; there are already several major snack foods companies inquiring about buying his brand for millions of dollars.

Source: Press Release

UPDATE: Beenie Man attempts to repossess M.A.F.I.A House furniture

People.. you si how people mix up...... Here is the full details from one876entertainment reporter who was on the scene.

Jamaican Dancehall artiste, Beenie Man managed to work his way into the news today but not by a stage performance at a show. This time it was a show at the offices of his M.A.F.I.A House label in Kingston.

BeenieMan1.jpgA source close to the artiste told One876Entertainment that Beenie Man made a phone call to the office earlier today and the person who answered the phone made what they describe as a rude remark and said that they are no longer working with him. Beenie Man then asked the person on the phone who was paying the bills for the business and as a matter of fact, is coming to remove the furniture.

Beenie Man then came to the premises with his friends and a moving truck and they proceeded to remove the furniture and equipment from the offices.

When D’Angel heard about this she arrived at the premises and confronted Beenie Man and the movers. The source said D’Angel lifted her skirt and told Beenie Man to ‘suck her out back way because she f@ck fi this’ while she patted her genital area.

D’Angel tried to find receipts showing that she paid for them but she only found a contract for the furniture.

Beenie Man wasn’t paying her any attention as he joked and laughed with the huge crowd that converged around the building.

The confrontation seemed to be a delay tactic as she contacted her lawyer who came later with a court injunction ordered by the Supreme Court. According to a police officer, the injunction bars Beenie Man from entering or removing any equipment assets from this office and other premises as well. Beenie Man is also required to appear in court on August 23 based on the injunction.

Assistant Superintendent, Wayne Cameron told One876Entertainment that the police responded to calls that there was a dispute at 8 Garelli Avenue involving Moses Davis and Michelle Downer-Davis but when they arrived they realized there was no physical altercation.

The equipment and furniture were placed back in the office and Beenie Man left the compound.

Beenie Man and DAngel Fought In New Kingston TODAY

News Flash....... Beenie Man & DÁngel just had a big fight in New Kingston....... on Garrelli Avenue near Haugthon Avenue

Rumor has it that the Range Rover was destroyed!!!......bare nastiness a chat!!!!! Bare big stone a throw... Where was Marco Dean?

Update coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ja Rule In Court ...AGAIN!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007
By: Kenny Rodriguez

Ja RuleWhile Ja Rule faces a serious weapons charge after being arrested last month in New York, the Murder Inc. rapper was in a court last week for a less minor offense – allegedly not paying his plumber.

Ja Rule, born Jeffrey Atkins, is disputing a criminal complaint brought by a local contractor who claims he was never paid $8,000 after fixing a bad leak at the rapper’s $3.5 million mansion in Saddle River, NJ.

“We put in 150 hours of manpower, which I gave to him for $13,000,” said Joel Tobia, insisting that he and six other men finished the work in three days.

“He paid me $5,000 and wouldn’t pay me the rest. I don’t know why.”

Brian Neary, Ja Rule’s lawyer, claimed that “some work was done,” but that the actual amount owed was $4,000 and disputed “whether the work was done properly and whether money is owed.”

The hearing on Thursday follows a previous ruling of $8,000 awarded to Tobia after Ja Rule failed to show up in civil court.

Meanwhile Ja Rule is currently free on $150,000 bail stemming from an incident in July, when the rapper was arrested after police pulled over his vehicle and found a semi-automatic handgun in the car.


Foota Hype remanded in custody

Jamaican selector Oneil ‘Foota Hype’ Thomas was remanded in custody when he appeared in the Half Way Tree Resident Magistrate's court last Friday.

Officers attached to the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) informed One876Entertainment that the selector will reappear in the HWT Resident Magistrate’s court on August 17.

Deejay selector Foota Hype is a key member of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance. He had been charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

According to a police officer at the Constant Spring police station, he is suspected of being involved in a drive by shooting at St. John’s Lane that took place just before he was picked up. The police allege that he was involved in a drive by shooting at St. John’s Lane.

The allegations are that the police officers from the Constant Spring CIB intercepted the car at Manor View Drive in the Cassava Piece community where the vehicle was parked and Foota Hype sitting in it. When the car was searched, ten rounds were found wrapped in a piece of paper and ten were found in the magazine in an Ultra Star 9mm semi-automatic pistol.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

DX Dirt: 50 Says F-ck Interscope?

August 10th, 2007 | Author: Slava Kuperstein

According to Miss Info's site, one of her sources has informed her that 50 Cent entirely flipped out at G-Unit offices. According to the report, "50 was screaming into his blackberry phone, he was on a rampage, he ripped off the 70 inch plasma on the wall and then to top it off, he threw his phone straight thru the window of his executive office….shattering the glass all over thirtysomething street."

The report alleges that the source of this outburst may be traced to the words he said before he threw the phone out of the window: "He yelled 'You’re fucking everything up, you're messing up my look, my album, so you know what, I’m on fuckin' vacation now. Fuck you and fuck Interscope."

Apparently Fif was steamed that Interscope let 50's third (or is it sixth?) single, "Follow My Lead" ft. Robin Thicke leak on the web. The single, which wasn't supposed to come out until October (after the album drops and the Justin Timberlake collabo "Ayo Technology" loses steam).

Fif also apparently told the head of Interscope that "he’s boycotting all promo all media and possibly leaving the label."


Bounty To Face Courts Charges

The Warlord, deejay Bounty Killer will appear in court on September 12 to answer to charges that he threatened to kill a girlfriend in June of this year.

bounty.jpgThe deejay's lawyers had attemped to have the case thrown out of court today but were unsuccessful. will have more information on this case as it becomes available.

It is not the first run-in that Bounty Killer has had with the law in relation to a former girlfriend. Last year, Bounty Killer stood accused of the May 23 assault on his son’s mother, 33 year-old Julie Rambally. He answered to allegations that he had attacked Rambally as she walked down the street, punching and kicking her, before dragging her several feet and slamming her head into a wall. She was later treated at a local hospital.

The charges were eventually dropped by the complainant, however, the deejay was forced to enroll in an anger management program, as well as undergo random drug testing.


Jay-Z Exposed Again - Watch This

I guess this is PART 1

Jah Cure's first appearance overseas

On August 12, 2007, Jah Cure is expected to make his first overseas appearance since being released last month. According to his manager, Allison Hunt, he will perform at The Sundance Festival in Holland. She also confirmed that news about his being scheduled to perform in the United States in upcoming months are unfounded and false.

The current "hot ticket" in reggae - Jah Cure is literally busting out all over, with an unprecedented popular winning streak that overrides the negativity of his recent unfortunate incarceration.

Born on October 11th, 1978 in Hanover, Jamaica and raised in Kingston, the talented singer was given the name Jah Cure by Reggae superstar, Capleton whom he met while growing up in Kingston. His first big break came in 1997 when he released the single "King of the Jungle" which was a duet with Sizzla. The single was produced by Beres Hammond who became Cure's mentor. He then released a steady stream of singles that won him critical and popular acclaim.


Friday, August 10, 2007


What a crazy Street Party called DUTTY FRIDAZE!!!!!!

Watch Dancehall Muma DYMA endorsing DUTTY FRIDAZE.. I think looks drunk

Watch Hookstick Girls - Jump & Split

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sean Kingston Album Sales 75,000 First Week

Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 8/5/07

August 8th, 2007 | Author: Aliya Ewing

While the Hip Hop world is busy debating if Common's Finding Forever is a classic or a drink coaster, Geffen's Chi-town MC is laughing his way to the bank regardless as the new #1 spot on the SoundScan chart with 156k sold in his first week! Sean Kingston's self-titled debut also does well in his 1st week at #6 with 75k sold. T.I's T.I vs TIP is still holding steady in the top 10 though he slipped from #5 to #8 with 55k sold this week (858k total!).


Watch The Video

Buju Banton signs the Reggae Compassionate Act

Click Here to Read Signed contract

Read Newspaper Article

Read Pink News

UK Gay News and the British newspaper the Guardian report that reggae and dancehall star Buju Banton is the fourth artist to sign the RCA, Reggae Compassionate Act. RCA is a part of the gay rights campaign ‘Stop Murder Music’. Other artists, such as Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton, have already signed the act.

Article by Kristina Funkeson, Freemuse

Freemuse has previously reported about gay activists fighting the anti-gay music, the so called ‘murder music’, which has led to the boycott of several reggae musicians. Some lyrics have also been investigated by the Scotland Yard and as a result, the British government has been considering banning certain reggae stars from the UK.

Legitimate censorship?

Freemuse’s position when it comes to the censorship of music that glamorises violence and promotes hate is clarified by the Freemuse chairperson Martin Cloonan: “While it is an anti-censorship organisation, Freemuse does recognise that there may be occasions on which free speech can legitimately be restricted. In general we judge on a case by case basis and are guided by international conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Long battle
The ‘Stop Murder Music’ campaign has been going on for three years, but the battle between gay rights activists and dancehall artists has lasted much longer - about 15 years according to the Guardian. All the artists targeted by the ‘Stop Murder Music’ campaign have previously released anti-gay hate songs.

The Guardian describes Banton as “one of the most notoriously homophobic figures in reggae and dancehall music”. In 1992 he released ‘Boom Bye Bye’ and the song was a big hit although it advocated the shooting of gay men, pouring acid on them and burning them alive. After three years of campaigning against ‘murder music’, Banton’s signature is a symbol of the gay right campaign’s widespread influence.

Undermining homophobia
When signing the RCA, the artists promise not to produce music or make public statements inciting hatred against gay people. Neither can they authorise the re-release of previous homophobic songs. This applies to all over the world. The RCA says: “Artists of the Reggae Community respect and uphold the rights of all individuals to live without fear of hatred and violence due to their religion, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or gender.”

The deal is a result of the collaboration between top reggae promoters and gay organisations all over the world. The campaign has resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of concerts, sponsorship and advertisement deals. And even more important: “This deal is already having a huge positive impact in Jamaica and the Caribbean. The media coverage has generated public awareness and debate; breaking down ignorance and undermining homophobia”, Peter Tatchell from the British human rights group ‘OutRage!’ says to the UK Gay News.

Sincere commitment?
Tatchell has been involved in negotiating the deal with the dancehall artists. He tells UK Gay News: “The singers’ rejection of homophobia and sexism is an important milestone. We rejoice at their new commitment to music without prejudice.”

But it still remains to see how sincere Buju Banton has been when signing the act. A spokesman for J-Flag, a Jamaican gay rights group, tells the Guardian: “I really hope that his actions are genuine and is not just because international pressure is hurting his pocket. We hope it is a sincere commitment that will end homophobic violence.” He is not the only one to fear that the change of mind is due to economic reasons. According to UK Gay News, the three-year-long ‘Stop Murder Music’ campaign is estimated having cost the Jamaican artists about five million US$.

Nevertheless - every step towards a more accepting attitude concerning homosexuality is welcomed by Jamaican gay rights groups. An article in the Time magazine describes Jamaica as “the most homophobic place on earth”. Gay sex is illegal and attacks on homosexuals occur frequently. Apart from that the media coverage is increasing public awareness regarding homosexuality; Tatchell underlines the importance of these major reggae stars renouncing homophobia. This is a signal to their fans and might also influence a wider audience in the long run.

Gay in Jamaica

The Jamaican authorities are condemned by the humanitarian organisations Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch for not dealing with the severe violence homosexual men and women face every day. Verbal and physical attacks – such as beatings, rapes and murder - are widespread. Many homosexuals are threatened to death and driven from their homes and their belongings.

Time magazine reports that in Jamaica the anti-gay reggae is strangely mixed up with politics. Not only does the country have one of the world’s toughest anti-sodomy laws, but the major political parties regularly use homophobic music in their campaigns.

Homophobic atmosphere
UK Blackout magazine ask what the sources of this homophobic atmosphere might be? Jamaicans and students of Jamaican society have several different answers. “One factor is the confluence of West African and English cultures, together with a heavy overlay of God-fearing Christianity”, professor Jean Fuller Stanley says to UK Blackout. And according to Time magazine, this is how Banton grew up - in Kingston’s Salt Lane, a slum area dominated by ultraconservative Christian churches and extremely anti-gay Rastafarians.

In June 2004 Banton was charged with being a part of a mob severely beating of a group of homosexual men and forcing them to abandon their residence. The case was dropped and Banton claims that he is innocent, but it’s a fact that the Jamaican police often overlook evidence in anti-gay crimes. In fact – Human Rights Watch reports cases when the police themselves harass and attack supposed homosexuals and actively support homophobic violence.

The fight goes on
Before the gay activists take their eyes of the dancehall stars, they have to pass a trial period. If any of them break the agreement anywhere in the world - the campaign against them will be resumed, Tatchell informs UK Gay News. While Buju Banton continues his career without an anti-gay message, the ‘Stop Murder Music’ campaign keeps targeting artists who have not signed the act. Among these artists are Elephant Man, TOK, Bounty Killa and Vybz Kartel. Elephant Man states in one song: “Two women gonna hock up inna bed/That’s two Sodomites dat fi dead.” (Two women in bed / That’s two Sodomites who should be dead.)

Tatchell calls attention to that the homophobic songs of these artists are a moral equivalent of neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. He calls for a world-wide boycott to make them reconsider their opinions.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

UPDATE: Alleged Girl In R. Kelly Sex Tape To Testify In Singer's Defense

According to a Chicago Sun-Times report, the alleged girl in the R. Kelly sex tape will testify in the singer's defense at trial.

The woman, whose father played bass for R. Kelly and is referred to as Kelly's "goddaughter" in the liner notes to his "" album turns 23 this September. She is set to take the stand and say that she is not the girl in the video. Prosecutors are expected to counter these claims by bringing forth the girl's relatives and friends to testify that she is the girl in the video and that it was made when she was 14.

The girl's identity has previously been confirmed by Sparkle, a former protégé of R. Kelly and the girl's aunt.

At a previous court hearing in the summer of 2005, the girl's former best friend testified it was her friend in the video. Though she did not mention it on the stand, court papers indicate the friend said she and the other girl hung out with Kelly starting in the summer after sixth grade.

The trial is expected to begin September 17


Sizzla violate me, Norris Man says

Norris Man is not backing down from any future confrontation with Sizzla or his entourage following his beat-down at the hands of Sizzla's turban-wearing Rastafarian supporters at the 'St. Mary Mi Come From' over the weekend.

“Ah country Sizzla come from, me ah original West Kingston man, me no haffi buy friend. Him fi know that as long as him live, him diss me,” he told One876Entertainment.

The major television stations have been carrying footage of the incident that occurred during Lady Saw’s set when Sizzla walked on and began to deejay. Norris Man entered the stage and declared that he had rehearsed with the Jah Prophecy band and was there to perform.

He then deejayed his hit, Big Long Gun Go Over Dem Yard on the Red Bull & Guinness rhythm to a roar of approval from the crowd.

“Hope anno me you a talk, Norris Man. Come offa me (expletive) stage,” Sizzla said.

Chastened, Norris Man then uttered what many believe to be his death warrant when he responded with a derogatory remark about Sizzla’s mother. He was then attacked and punched several times by several men, even when he had thrown up his hands in apparent surrender; the blows seemed to come from all sides.

After Capleton rushed in to part the melee, Sizzla continued to perform, saying:

“Norris Man, me a badman, mi nuh haffi cuss bad word, a Kingston me come from.” Then he promised that ‘some big long gun ah run out pon dem", and the crowd went wild.

Some people have said that the two had had some amount of friction because Sizzla felt Norris Man’s song on the RBG was a counteraction to Big Long Gun on the Applause rhythm.

Two days after the incident, Norris Man is still angry at the onstage attack. He promised that he would ‘see’ Sizzla’s entourage soon, and that they were hiding from him.

“Sizzla violate me...mi no punk inna war, why dem nah drive out? Nuh dem have all the machines dem? Right now, mi waan hear wah dem haffi say about this ting 'cause right now, mi nah go to no police wid my ting. Me know the whole ah dem who lick me, tell dem say dem nuffi run and hide, me ah see the whole ah dem. Dem anno artiste, and my fans waan see dem,” he said.

He said he was ready for a lyrical and a physical confrontation with those who were responsible for attacking him.

In the meantime, Claudette Kemp, Capleton’s manager, said that the David House camp would soon be issuing a press release regarding the annual show.