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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegas hires new manager - Earlton Clarke


People mi did haffi copy dah story yah from one876entertainment..... mi did hear longtime but mi nuh inna di mix up ting.. anyways sometimes we haffi move on to grow..... si mi...

Earlton Clarke has finally confirmed that he will be Vegas’ new manager, ending weeks of speculation that the Tek Weh Yuself singer would be dropping long-time manager Byron Murray, who is also head of In the Streets distribution.

“It is now official, Vegas is now under my management,” Clarke told over the weekend.

Questioned about his plans for Vegas, Clarke responded:“Just sit back, and look and see what I am going to do, right now, me ah one of the most hush-hush manager innah the business, but me ah go mek mi work talk for itself; the world knows what I can do.”

Clarke had successfully managed the careers of Spice, Mr. Lexx and WARD 21 during his time in the business but had taken a hiatus to pursue other interests recently.

Big up yuhslef Earlton yuh buss again!!!!!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Vybz Kartel Vehicle Stoned

What is going on the in the biz?????......

Source: Party Xtraz

Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha issued a press yesterday, June 21st, through his company Adidjaheim Records/Portmore Empire.

The release starts off by say that the 'following is a statement regarding a recent incident during which Vybz Kartel’s SUV was stoned by men who are believed to reside in a community along Mannings Hill Road. The deejay was not injured during this heinous attack and the matter has been reported to the revelant authorities who are investigating the incident". The statement continues as follows: At about 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 19th, Vybz Kartel a.k.a Addi the Teacha was driving along Mannings Hill Road in his Harrier SUV when a group of men accosted him.A group of men stepped up the vehicle and said, ‘you nuh know yu nuffi drive round ya so, ah Mavado place this, ah bad man place this’. Vybz Kartel replied with an expletive. Immediately, stones were hurled at the vehicle smashing the side glass, then a man stepped in front of the vehicle and threw a stone into the front windshield. The deejay drove off and the men continued to hurl several stones at the vehicle, smashing the rear windshield.

“I would like to tell my fans and well-wishers that I am advocating peace, I don’t want any action to be taken or any form of retaliation, I would like to leave the investigation of this incident to the relevant authorities because no one is bigger than the system. I have confidence that the perpetrators of this act will be brought to justice,” he said.

At least one eyewitness has disputed Kartel's version of events, saying that a member of Kartel’s entourage emerged from the vehicle and began to rain 'cutlass slaps' on the would-be attackers. "After the man call out 'bleach out face Kartel', the man dem come back and rough up the yute who say it, and when dem a go back a vehicle, some man run down pon dem but dem neva stop dem, and the one man wid Kartel have de whole ah de other man dem weak inna the road, him just a run dem down and slap dem up wid the lass," reported eyewitnesses on the scene. "After dem get inna the vehicle the man dem start stone the vehicle, but dem neva aim fi Kartel, dem just a focus pon the vehicle, that's why the side glass pon the right side lick out and the back glass. Is like ah the vehicle dem just waan mash up, like is a bad mind ting." In other news, ace DJ Aidonia has refuted claim that he is apart of the Vybz Kartel Portmore Empire.

Jah Cure Fans Longing For His Release

Jah Cure Soon Come......People

Anticipating his release from a 9 year prison term, Jah Cure will put forth his new album, True Reflection, on July 31st with VP Records and perform at his first stage show Curefest. Jah Cure's strong fan support and stream of hit singles over the last three years have carried tremendous weight for his popularity during his incarceration.

However, upon his release, the real story begins. His upcoming album will have a mix of popular hits, such as True Reflection, Dem Nuh Build Great Man featuring Fantan Mojah and Longing For as well as one new exclusive track, To Your Arms of Love, which is already moving up on the Jamaican radio charts. Jah Cure is booked for his first stage show Curefest in James Bond Beach, Jamaica between the days of August 24th - 6th September

Buju waves goodbye to 'Boom Bye Bye'?

Mi Bwoy ... Buju Bantoan...Stand Strong Mi Youth

Due to the recent uproar about three of our top dancehall voices being censored by gay rights movements after allegedly signing a statement that denounce performing what they refer to as hate songs, Buju Banton’s Gargamel Music sent a letter to to address the image of the artiste that is being portrayed by the gay community.

The release signed by the President of Gargamel Music, Inc. Traci McGregor states:

After hearing about the concerns being voiced by members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender community about international reggae icon Buju Banton, I felt it was important to reach out, as the public portrait that has been painted of Buju as an artist who has espoused violence, hatred and negativity his entire career is one of absolute fraud.
Indeed a young Buju Banton wrote the incendiary anti-gay tune “Boom Bye Bye” back when he was a mere 15 years old. Penned in response to a widely publicized man/boy rape case in Jamaica, it caused a furor in the states when it was re-released four years later in 1992. For the record, he had not performed the song since the early nineties and regularly speaks out against violence - against all people. “I was a child when I wrote those lyrics,” Buju admits. “But let me make it clear that I do not encourage or condone violence towards any human being, and that includes our gay brothers and sisters.” Last year, when Buju once again found himself the target of a new generation of gay activists, he utilized two lines from “Boom Bye Bye” only as a springboard to discuss the enduring persecution he has faced because of the song and to assure his fans just how much he has evolved since. Yet certain factions of the gay community have continued to use it against him in an attempt to discredit him in the media.

Those who have followed Buju Banton’s artistic development and have actually listened to his entire body of work, know of his prodigious growth into one of the world’s most prolific singer/songwriters - one whose consistently positive messages of peace, love and spiritual enlightenment are never lost in the music.

Buju’s 1995 release ’Til Shiloh was nominated for a Grammy award, landed on Spin magazine’s Top 20 Albums of the Year and hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the Best Albums of the Decade. His Grammy-nominated project Inna Heights (1997) and also Unchained Spirit (2000) garnered him numerous comparisons to the late great Bob Marley. His 2003 album Friends For Life was also nominated for a Grammy award, as was his most recent project Too Bad (2006).

Buju Banton’s love for humanity is not just demonstrated in words but also in deeds. Twelve years ago he responded to the AIDS crisis in Jamaica by launching Operation Willy, an organization focused on raising monies for HIV positive babies and children who lost their parents to the disease. For the past three years he served as spokesperson for Upliftment Jamaica, a US-based non-profit committed to working with underprivileged youth in Jamaica.

Buju and his Shiloh Band have played all around the world over the past 15 years, and the song has not been a part of his performance. His culturally diverse fan base - which, no doubt includes gay people - spans the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. For them, he is not simply an artist; he is a very necessary voice.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KC Jockey & Santalina's SHAKE video hits 120 million homes in Europe

CONGRATS KC Jockey & Santalina... you video gone alead

People recieved and email from Rob Schwartz of Whomag Tv in the USA stating that reggae artiste KC Jockey and R&B new sensation Santalina's video SHAKE is now being shown in over 120,000,000 million homes in Europe during this week

Read this Press Release from Whomag's Ceo Rob Schwartz

KC Jockey, Manger Tesah Linton, Santalina & Manager Rob Schwartz at SHAKE video shoot

WHO?MAG TV Episode #4 premieres this week and headlines the music video“SHAKE” by Santalina and KC Jockey. It also shows an exclusive “behindthe scenes” look at the making of the video. Look out for it this weekendon WHO?MAG TV on the station CoolTV on Pan-European Satellite which reaches over 120 million households in over 40 countries. The video for “SHAKE” by Santalina and KC Jockey has exploded all over major networks and websites. WHO?MAG TV was lucky enough to be the only camera crew behind the scenes of this incredible video.

Santalina told us, “This was definitely the most fun I had doing a videoshoot. It went really smooth. It was cool working with KC. I wasexpecting a nice response from the video, but I didn’t expect it to blowup this big. I’m really excited about the results.”

KC Jockey told us “This video is a huge success! It’s really a great songand I’m glad I had the opportunity to do this video with Santalina. Itseems like everyday another outlet is picking it up in their rotation.”Besides WHO?MAG TV, the “SHAKE” video has recently been added to MTV Tempo and will appear on BET on Blast in July.

Also look out this summer for WHO?MAG TV in America on the new station MOTV premiering mid July 2007. Watch the official trailer for WHO?MAG TV featuring a brief segment on the SHAKE video here…

For more on Santalina, visit (Shake has almost 200,000 plays on this site alone)

For more on KC Jockey, visit

For more on WHO?MAG, visit SchwartzWHO?MAG TV

Sunday, June 17, 2007

DUTTY FRIDAZE- Aniversary Gone Wild


People I saw got invited to atttend DUTTY FRIDAZE Anniversary on Friday June 22...... People going to block the streets... This is event is hosted by Mr. Warlord Bounty Killa.....

Let me explain DUTTY FRIDAZE to you.. it a street party in Fletcher's land Kingston Jamaica where the party starts at 3 am and ends at approx. 8 am int he morning. The attration at DUTTY FRIDAZE is the climbing of the dancers in an ackee, buildings you name...anywhere they can climb on addition to that the peak of the event is a section called CRAUCHIZZ MORNING a segment at 7:00 am for girls and male dancers doing sexual eduational postions that some old foggies can learn from.......The Sound System Selctors Gary Chucks, CD Master, Crazy Chris..... they give the partipants me it is amazing......

The DUTTY FRIDAZE have DVD 's selling on / trust it is worth purchasing....

People take a look at 50 mild pictures of DUTTY FRIDAZE

Looking forward to you feedback!!!


Celebrity Vibes Joke


I honestly felt that I should share this video with because we cannot be readiig about all different kinda knida both good and bad so I am letting you view this video is kina riduclous but I am sure you gonna say its kinda corny or its so funny!!! This is gonn aadd some postive energy to yur system!!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Big Disrespect to Ms Jamaica Universe

Ms Jamaica Universe Contestant joke... big disrespect!!!!


People I got this joke from a reader ... its funny but some people tek Jamaican people for idiots..... I had to laugh but its not a joke ting si mi.....

Click on this link and Watch this!!!

When you watch it send me your feedback!!!!!! or just leave a comment...


KC Jockey signs album Production deal with ATMG

KC Jockey CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Party stores now!!!!

Artiste/actor KC Jockey who has recently inked an album production deal with Staney 'Rellee' Hayden, CEO of ATMG producer of KC's new single PARTY SPIRIT on Raging Bull Riddim......
Rellee has produced and written nonstop hits for artist such as, Mary J. Blige , Jeffery Osborne, Sean (P Diddi) Combs, Lil Kim, Junior Mafia, Usher, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Changing Faces, Next, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Deborah Cox, Toni Braxton, KRS 1, Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, The B52`s Red Hot Chili Peppers ext. Playing the behind the scene role for so many years Rellee decided its time to take all the years of experience and industry ties that he had gathered and follow the path of his mentors/hero`s which include his dad Byron Hayden the President and C.E.O. Of Byron`s Limos, Donald Trump, Russle Simons, Kedar Massenburg Glen "Daddy-O" Bolton and Sean "P Diddi" Combs.
Recently, he tried his magical music fingers at dancehall genre and like a midas touch produced the hot selling single ‘Raging Bull’ for the heavy hitter MOBO Award winner Mr Vegas along with celebrity dancer Overmars. The single Raging Bull is now the tile track for CVM Broadcast for the Cricket World Cup 2007. Read more about Rellee on
'Boy I am really happy that this deal is signed because it has been in the pipe line for months now.... its the right time... Rellee big up yuh self... This is gonna push my career to the next level along with my team... manager Tesah Linton and my Street Promotions Manager Boswell 'Stampede' Lammie... Big up Black Pearl my songwriter ... I am truly blessed' KC Jockey said while in a studio in New York City working on a movie sound track......

KC Jockey's new single PARTY SPIRIT has been getting excellent rotation on radio stations both locally and internationally. The single is also played during prime time at the major street parties in Jamaica and is also the featured song on the Jamaican popular blog site

The artiste is currently awaiting confirmation to play roles in two more movies slated to be shot later this year. "Áll I can say is that I am really blessed and very thankful that I am getting support from my Jamaican people, Radio Jocks, Sound System selectors so as I said before I'm blessed"

The single PARTY SPIRIT is being distributed by In The Street Records in, Unit 3 85 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10, JAMAICA, 1-876-929-3767

Gay bashing reggae performers promise to stop the hate

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Reggae Compassionate Act

Hi People,

I got this link from some people in Europe about a document that every artiste is required to sign before they are permitted to perform in Europe.

Guess which artiste have signed this document?????

Three of the world's top reggae and dancehall singers have renounced homophobia and condemned violence against lesbians and gay men.

Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton had previously released anti-gay hate songs, including incitements to murder lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

They have now signed up to the Reggae Compassionate Act in a deal brokered with top reggae promoters and Stop Murder Music activists.

The Act reads:

"It must be clear there's no space in the music community for hatred and prejudice, including no place for racism, violence, sexism or homophobia.

"We do not encourage nor minister to HATE but rather uphold a philosophy of LOVE, RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING towards all human beings as the cornerstone of reggae.

"We agree to not make statements or perform songs that incite hatred or violence against anyone from any community.

"The agreement follows the three-year-long Stop Murder Music campaign, which resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of the singers' concerts and sponsorship deals, causing them income losses estimated in excess of five million dollars.

"The Reggae Compassionate Act is a big breakthrough," said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who is coordinator of the worldwide Stop Murder Music campaign. He helped negotiate the deal with the three singers.

"The singers' rejection of homophobia and sexism is an important milestone. We rejoice at their new commitment to music without prejudice," said Mr Tatchell."This deal will have a huge, positive impact in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The media coverage will generate public awareness and debate, breaking down ignorance and undermining homophobia."Having these major reggae stars renounce homophobia will influence their fans and the wider public to rethink bigoted attitudes. The beneficial effect on young black straight men will be immense," he said.

Mr Tatchell said that the campaign against the three artists will now be suspended, but he urged journalists and others worldwide to monitor the performances and statements of Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton.

The fight against other homophobic performers continues:

"The other five murder music artists - Elephant Man, TOK, Bounty Killa, Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton - have not signed the Reggae Compassionate Act.

"The campaign against them continues. These singers have incited the murder of lesbians and gays. They should not be rewarded with concerts or sponsorship deals."

The Stop Murder Music campaign urges organisations worldwide tointensify the campaign to cancel these five singers' concerts andtheir record, sponsorship and advertising deals," said Mr Tatchell.

His views are echoed by Gareth Wiliams, co-chair of the Jamaican gayhuman rights group, J-Flag:"

This statement against homophobia and violence is a move in the right direction," he said."

We hope it is not commercially motivated by the singers' desire to maintain their concert revenues, but a sincere commitment that will encourage an end to homophobic violence and to all violence against everyone.

"The five artists who have not signed the statement should now follow this lead and declare their support for universal human rights, including the human rights of lesbian and gay people," said Mr Williams.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Voice Mail tops Digicel People's Choice Style Award

Big up Voicemail.... unnuh work hard.... nuff respect!!!!! PROUD OF YOU!!!!

Yow People,

Mi really happy fi di group Voicemail... people mi know weh dem a come from and how dem start..... trust mi all mi can sey mi proud a dem...dem win big award....BIG UP... Mi seh mi did deh a Bounty Killa's Event last Saturday - Its A Party' an mi hear dem people shout out mi name when mi look a Voicemail call mi an tell mi sey dem win di big award.. mi haffi hug dem up adn kiss dem .. pan dem jaw!!!..... Trust mi dem acome fram far..... eeheeeeeeeee

Read dis yah:-
Top dancehall male group Voice Mail added another trophy to their growing list of accolades. The group came out the big winner at the Jamaica Observer Fashion and Style Awards, which was recently held at the Terra Nova Hotel.

Voice Mail won the Digicel People's Choice Award for their astute knack for style and dressing.

Commenting on their triumph, group member O'neil Edwards said 'Its an awesome feeling that we were voted by the public for this award. It feels good knowing that the Jamaican public has been watching us and taking note of how we dress and carry ourselves. We always try to ensure that we step out clean and wear the best threads when we go out. Its not only about the songs we sing but the appearance is also very important'.

The members of the group have promised to stay consistent with their dressing as well as with the music that they produce.

Voice Mail's latest album Let's Go, which was released on April 18 by Japan's Pony Cannon Records, has been a strong seller since it was released by Music Mart. The album has to date sold over 50,000 copies in Japan.

Daddy Turbo & Mystri Radio linkup

Mystri & Daddy Link up...... yow Jamaica music scene a buss bigger...


People well mi jus join forces wid anada radio station in the UK now mi and Daddy Turbo ago chat bout wat a gwan inna di Jamaican music business every Thursday live on at 7 - 9 pm Jamaica time .... dont be confused I also link up with Chris Goldfinger and talk about the real Jamaican Top Ten (10) Reggae /Dancehall charts... so it is a different kinda vibes.....on Saturdays on BBC Radio 1 at 6-8pm Jamaica time..... si mi

So mi feel good that another radio station link up with me .... Mystri & Stampede...wicked kinda vibes.....

Biggggggggg up Chris Goldfinger, Daddy Turbo and Stampede.....

Yah di vibes a grow si mi



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

International Model Januel McKenzie loses catfight at CFW

Januel McKenzie you know better than that!!! Shame on you!!!!


People bwoy when it come on to the male species ...di woman dem nuh care how dem have status dem haffi still fight ova man...a wah dis...nuh body nuh fi pull yuh outa yuh charecta suh!!!!!!!!

Yow dis yah story from one876entertainment bad!!!!

A scandalous scuffle between top supermodel Jaunel McKenzie and another Pulse model, Dahlia, the wife of top male model Orane Barrett, added intrigue to the Caribbean Fashion Week activities at the National Indoor Sports Centre over the weekend.

According to reports, there were two altercations, one on Saturday night and on Sunday night.

The following reenactment is based on reports by bystanders, fellow models, but unfortunately no pugilistic experts:

As one version of the events go, Dahlia and Jaunel were in a line going onstage when Jaunel pushed Dahlia in the back.

“Jaunel has a crush on Orane from long time, and she and Dahlia had a beef from overseas, so when they were in a line when Jaunel pushed Dahlia in the back. When they got offstage, Dahlia said to her ‘if you do that again, I will smack you in the face’, and Jaunel shouted: ‘what you going to do, you bitch?’ so Dahlia slapped her in her face,” one model told

Another version said that the spat began when Dahlia mistakenly donned a designer outfit that Jaunel was supposed to strut on the catwalk.

“Januel was very upset and told her to take it off, and the girl who is from the UK, just slapped Jaunel in her face, and people parted them. The girl doesn’t like Jaunel and Nadine and the rest of them because she say dem always a gwaan hype a way,” one ‘model’ eyewitness said.

“I feel that Orane’s wife put on Jaunel’s clothes purposefully. She always ah talk bad things about Jaunel, and fi true, Jaunel has an attitude problem, but she shouldn’t put on her clothes, worse she no like har. Still, the girl isn’t all that, and she put on Jaunel’s stuff fi make a point, I think. When Jaunel confront her, she slap Jaunel inna her face, and then it spill over in the following night,” she said.

Former Portmore resident Jaunel is among the highest paid models in the world. She is the only Caribbean model to have shot American Vogue - a high industry standard - an amazing 11 times. Jaunel’s client list in 2006 includes names like Armani, Lacoste, Iman Cosmetics, Macy's, Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Cole, MTV, Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret and Harper's Bazaar.

Dahlia is a struggling model yet to attract the attention of major designers or agencies.

However, despite her lack of pedigree, round one definitely went to Dahlia.

The sequel to the model face off continued the following night and this confrontation was more public as it began in the stands of the venue. A male told that Jaunel walked into the stands to confront the girl, also a Pulse model, who had been barred from modeling that night.

“After the show, Jaunel came up and attacked the girl in the stands. Orane came up to defend his wife and said ‘yu caan fight har’ and people were there trying to part them, but no blows never really throw between the girls,” he said.

Orane Barrett is a graduate of Munro College in St. Elizabeth. He was the Male Face of the Caribbean in 2004, and also the Male Face of Jamaica title.

Eyewitnesses allege that as catfights go, the McKenzie-Barrett feud was quite a yawn as there was no scratching, hairpulling, spanking, breast mauling, or clothes stripping, or anything you might associate with a good old-fashioned catfight.

“Mi a wait fi see the fight gwaan but nothing neva happen. Afterwards, dem tek it into the parking lot and Jaunel’s mother go get involved, and started talking to the girl in a loud manner, there was a lot of drama but no blows, just 90 per cent mouth talk,” he added.

Another witness said that he saw “people running up and down and a man even draw his gun”.

Round two: a tame draw.Will there be a round three?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Reggae Sumfest Line-Up HOTTTT

Reggae Sumfest Line-Up Sell Offfffffffff

Yow People,

You see how mi buss yah now..til Reggae Sumfest send mi dem line-up....

BEACH PARTY - Sunday July 15th
Fab 5
Liquid -Zip 103
DJ Marvin - Fame 95
Craig Ross

XPLOSION - Thursday July 19th
Beenie Man
Bounty Killer
Elephant Man
Vybz Kartel
Lady Saw
Ninja Man

Chuck Fenda, Anthony B, Assassin, Munga Honourable, erup, Macka Diamond, Wayne Marshall, Voice Mail, Busy Signal, Kip rich, Aidoina, Little Hero, Gyptian, Lutan Fyah, Ginjah, Shane-O, Teflon
Backing Band: Live Wyaa
MC's Richie B - Hot 102, GT Tayor - Irie Fm

EVOLUTION - Friday July 20th
Buju Banton
Morgan Heritage
Richie Spice

Alaine, Da'ville, Etana, Christopher Martin, Tribute to Fab 5 with Chaka Demus & Pliers, Frankie Paul, Admiral Bailey, Gem Myers, Ernie Smith & Pluto Shervington
Backing Band : Hard Drive
MC's: Elise Kelly- Irie Fm, Cordell Green

ZENITH - Saturday July 21st
Mary J. Blige
Beres hammond
Tanya Stephens
Alison Hinds
Tarrus Riley

Tessane Chin, Roots Underground, Tribute to Lloyd Parkes & The We The People Band with Half Pint, Leroy Sibbles, Mighty Diamonds, Pinchers & Tiger
MC's: Francois St. Juste - Fame 95, Paula Ann Porter - RJR 94

People this line-up is hot... a nuff people a go pay dem money fi dis yah line-up yah... mi like it... it have vibe... mi like how dem a mek artiste a pay tribute to Fab 5 and Lloyd Parkes & The We The People Band... yeah man respect Sumfest promoters fi least the show is not based on just pure current music.... memba I did tell you about Tarrus Riley se im a headliner pan Sumfest...... Tarrus Riley ima go buss di year yah wid im music medicine....Mi seh suh ...

Mi seh when Mary J. Blige start fi sing out har powerful catalogue Mobayago mi... Mary J with her ever changing superstar image...... mi cant wait fi Sumfest come sell aff star.....Johhny and the crew mi haffi help push the Brinks money truck to the bank star....... Suh if Reggae Sumfest suh hot...can you imagine STING dis year....Cross, Angry Misderable..huh...( trying to sound liek Bounty Killa)


Friday, June 8, 2007

Beyonce & Jay Z to Tie The Knotttt

Congrats Beyonce & Jayz ... Tying the KNOTTTTT.....


People... I am wiping my tears...... I cry when people are getting married why.... just the hought of tying up themselves..... a trouble mi a trouble Beyounce and Jay Z...... Respect Jay Z he is getting married a to hardworking black woman ...... Jamaican people love dem two artiste yah... Big Up From Jamaica!!!!!!

Source: yardflex

"You may kiss the bride," are the words that will command Rapper Jay Z to make a double print of the silky smooth lipstick from Beyonce's lips on their long awaited wedding day.

Yes, it's real - Jay Z and Beyonce will finally strut down the isle according to various reports. They say are Jay Z popped the question to girlfriend Beyonce Knowles on a recent holiday to the French Riviera and plans to get married in Hawaii this fall.

Jay Z who already has been making vows - has sworn to buy the former Destiny's Child star one of the biggest diamonds that can fit on her finger as soon as Beyonce picks the design she desires.

According to Beyonce is also making her own little family plans. "I want to get married and really want a family - in a perfect world I'd have two boys and a girl."

"You know someone loves you by the way he treats you and respects you. Me and Jay respect each other."

Sound Selector chased from home

Yow Jamaican People Serious... si mi


People the Jamaica Star Newspaper sell like hot bread yesterday bout the sound system selector weh run wey....... yow it stick pan im...... Mi nuh know if he got sticky or people ago beat wid some stick or something...... it sad star........ yuh know seh mi know a who dem a chat bout but mi just a report di story suh mi nah call nuh name ... u haffi go call smaddi fi dat....

But mi sistren watch di video an tell mi sey it nuh pretty star... dem mad dem mek di female dancer look like dem nah try.... yow di man dem a jump and split... ooooch.... and dem nuh have sex change..... suh konw yuh seh dem ting might mash up..... mi nah trouble dem but dem fi gwaan betta dan dat... dem all climb pan di speak a box....... Mi nuh business wid people they choose to do what they feel like..... What hurts mi the most is that some selectors if not all bun out di gays ... den you hear seh one of the most popular selectors a play a gay dance... Yuh si it turn right round....... So leave dem alone..... if yuh nuh like dem ... nuh even chat about dem ...dont even entertain dem in your thoughts but everyday dema chat bout dem.... you only a promote their life style.... dem nuh smart... but everybody makes their own decisons.

Source: -

A popular selector, whom it is rumoured played the music on a gay tape that is circulating islandwide, has fled his community in what is thought to be an effort to distance himself from the allegations.

The selector, who hails from an eastern Kingston community, reportedly fled after residents said they discovered that he was on the tape. Now the once-popular selector's name is a like a curse word, not to be uttered in the community. "Wipe off yuh mouth," one resident said when theSTAR team asked about the selector recently.

Other residents reacted similarly, stating that his name should not be called in the area. "Dem man deh name nuh call roun' ere. Mek mi tell yuh straight him a byman," one resident told THE STAR.

The voice of the selector in question is said to be featured on the tape being circulated. The tape is of a party where several cross-dressing men are dancing to popular tunes being played. At intervals a selector is heard saying "turn me on" and "walk out my girl", among other things.
Voice ID.

The residents say that after some residents saw the tape and believed that it was his voice, the selector left the area. They added that someone even used technology to zoom in on aspects of the tape to prove that it was the selector. "A him deh pan di tape. Man all computer it and see tings weh prove seh a him. Him voice and di tings him say, tings weh only him woulda say," he said.

Residents say that the selector gave no explanation for the allegations as he just left before they could confront him. "Him nuh seh nutten, him just left one day. Wi just nuh see him again."
In addition, residents say they do not want him to come back, noting that his presence on the tape proves that he is really gay.

The selector's sudden disappearance has set off several rumours, including one that he was told by his baby mother not to come back to the community two weeks ago. However, residents in the community said they knew of no baby mother.

Another vicious rumour which THE STAR has been unable to prove is that he is dead. Another selector, who provided a contact number for the accused man, said it is now being circulated that he was killed. The selector, however, could not say if the so-called murder occurred because the man was suspected to be gay.

In the meantime, efforts to find the selector were unsuccessful, as several persons said they were unaware of his whereabouts, and calls to his cellphone number resulted in busy tones.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pictures have Vibe.. Jamaican People We Are Blessed


People I got more pics..... yuh see how dem Asian people haffi work hard ...

Mary J Blige, LL Cool J & Shaggy headlines Reggae Sumfest

Sumfest Sell off this year!!!!!

Bob Marley as once quoted as saying 'The Words of the songs, not the person, is what attracts people' and how these sentiments ring true today. Who would have thought that the mere idea, some 15 years ago, of hosting a reggae festival could have grown into an event of such trenedous magnitude attracting over 30,000 patrons last year alone. Today Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest holds a dominant place on the local entertainment calendar and is viewed, across the world, as the marquee reggae event of the Summer.

To celebrate reaching this pivotal point of 15 years, the organizers of Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest Productions have promised a star studded line upof local and international talents. Of course every attention will be paid to organization, security and production, to ensure that all goes well for the festival scheduled for Sunday July 15th to Saturday July 21st, in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Johnny Gourzong, Executive Directors of Summerfest Produtions, says that this year marks an important milestone for the festival and he gave his assurance that the event would be a first class one that wil feature plethora of talent, both new and 'well seasoned'".

The week long evet will begin with a beach party featuring the Fab5 band. Dancehall night dubbed the 'Xplosion' will kick off the signature three nights on Thursday July 19th with artistes like Bounty killer, Elephant Man, Baby Cham, Beenie Man, Ninjaman, Vegas, Lady Saw, Macka Diamond and Anthony B. Hot and relatively new dancehall acts including Movado , Aidonia, Munga Honourable and Busy Signal are also on the line up. As the names suggests 'Xplosion' will see explosive talent and convergence of different styles with Vybes Kartel, Chuck Fenda, Wayne Marshall, Voice Mail, Litte Hero, Gyptian, Luthan fyah, Europ, Shane O, Teflon and Kip Rich rounding out the set for the night.

The Evolution is up next representing the firs of the two (2) international nights on Friday July 20th. Grammy award winner, 'Mr. Church Heathen' himself, Shaggy, will perform alongside some of Jamaica's other greate- Buju Banton and Morgan Heritage.Richie Spice, Etania, Davile , the scorching vocalist Cherine Anderson and the ever rising star Christopher Martin are also included on the line up. Things will climax on Saturday night July 21st at the 'Zenith' where the sultry soulful diva Mary J. Blidge will entice the audience with her powerful lyrics. She will share the stage with another powerhouse Tanya Stephens while Allison Hinds will add a soca element fresh from Carnival. The leading man of soul, Bere Hammond, will combine his potent lyrics and heart stopping performance to the event as well.

The evening 's entertainment will be completed by Jamaica's very own 'John Legend' of reggae music, Tarrus Riley and the Empress of rock reggae Tessanne Chin who will be backed by the band Rootz Underground.

Carlo Redwood, Group Marketing Manager for Red Stripe, the title sponsors of the event admits that he is elated to be a part of the event for yet another year and expressed great confidence in the Summerfest team to put on another record breaking show.

''Summerfest Productions has demonstrated time and time again that they can certainly deliver a world class event, we expect nothing less this year and wil be working closely with the team to ensure that all goes as planned, 'reggae indeed rocks and runs the world'.

Sean Paul to shoot video with Daville for new remix

Big Up Sean Paul & Da'ville nice postive musical energy!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yow.... people when mi did hear bout a combination before it even release I thought it was a good energy because atleast another artiste gone through the gate..... Big up Claude Mills from si site one876entertainment.....

Sean Paul is presently off the island on a week-long series of gigs in Tahiti, but despite his many overseas gigs, the deejay still finds the time to put in work in the studio to record banging new joints for his fans.

“The deejay is working hard and he has a number of collaborations with rap artistes such as Eve, and Omarion that will be released soon,” manager Jeremy Harding told

He recently recorded ‘Give It To Me’ with Eve and featured alongside P. Diddy on Omarion’s ‘Beg For It’. When he returns to the island next week, he will be shooting the video for the ‘Always on My Mind’ remix with Daville. The video will be directed by Ras Kassa, and will be shot in Kingston.

Da'ville mi bredren yuh buss ayh now... Congrats mi yout.

Bless up

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Digicel People's Choice Awards Sell Off


People mi a listen to di radio dis morning when mi hear Ron Muschette a talk bout the Digicel People's Awards..... yow people mi seh when mi hear di line-up it wicked...... So yuh know seh people ago dun dem credit pan voting fi dem favorite personality..... Di person a Digicel who conceptualize dis yah one yah mus get a bonus at the end of di year..... Mi seh di race stiff .. but di joke is Asafa inna di race a weh di rest a dem ago do......

Macka Diamond...... yuh haffi stop sing mone0000 and sey Voteooooooooo

Ron Muchette.... all adi animals dem a di station haffi go vote fi yuh.. Jah Roose affi stop crow Jahrastafari..... an start crow VotefiRoni... Prince and Sammy pay check a go spen a vote fi yuh... Di Wake Up Call team a wining mek si if dis a go true.....

Mutabruka... yuh haffi stop seh dis is the Cutting Edge and seh dis is the Voting Edge

Asfa Powell.. yuh haffi stop run down the stop clock .. and run doen di people dem fi vote fi yuh

Alliance vs Portmore Empire

Wah Gwan Inna De Business...... Dem need Fi Stop It!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People what is wrong with these young artistes inna di business... dem a lose dem mind and creating puring negative energy inna di business yuh seeh di government needs to a disciplinary body to govern these artistes and when they behave like this they are banned from recording and performance...... I was on one876entertainment and read this foolishness.

The dancehall world is buzzing over word that a physical altercation between Craig Dennis, an honorary member of the Portmore Empire and Einstein, the newest member of the Alliance.

Craig Dennis used a microphone to hit Einstein across his forehead. Einstein was forced to take evasive action as a number of men began to stab at him. After escaping, he drove himself to the Kingston Public Hospital but luckily, he received only minor injuries.

“Is a little hype dem want him get, dem know say mi say Alliance, but mi no just say Alliance, dem say Stein too, but even though mi endorse Alliance, mi nah go see Vybz Kartel and gwaan like me waan screw, me ah go be real, because we was friends before the commotion. So mi hear that Craig Dennis keeping a party so mi say, yea mi singer and go fi endorse it,” he told

“When mi reach, me see Vibes and Dennis ah work, so mi deejay ‘Double Six’ and give back the mike to Kartel and dem put on the Portmore Empire riddim, and then mi deh deh a the right side of the stage and ah try get back the mike when one of the yute dem who spar wid Kartel come over and say, ‘ah bwoy, no Alliance yuh say’ and mi say ‘tek weh yuself’ and him say, ‘hey bwoy yuh wi dead’, and dem me and dem innah some tusslings,”

“Then mi say yo Addi, talk to de man dem, and Kartel turn him back to me, so me go to Craig Dennis and say talk to yu friend dem, and him say, ‘Stein a weh yu a do, try mash up mi ting’’. Then him ease back and lick me wid the mike inna mi face, right inna mi forehead, then mi see 30 man run down pon me and ah cut and stab, mi all see man wid strappings so me tek weh myself and drive go hospital, if yu eva see how the man dem cut and stab up mi shirt,” he continued.

Mi go de wid love inna mi heart, mi neva go de wid mi thugs, is me and a girl go the party. If me a preach violence as dem say, why me go there wid just a girl. Mi trust them and respect them and yet dem woulda kill me. Ah some fans start scream, a probably that save me, but Craig Dennis, is a hype ting him de pon because him inna Portmore Empire, him mek Kartel boost him up like Supligen, Craig Dennis woulda never stand up alone and try that, him woulda get beat down. But me nah retaliate, mi just a easy, and visit the doctor because mi forehead swell up,” Einstein said.

“Craig just a try be a gangster too like Kartel.”

For his part, singer Craig Dennis admitted that he and Einstein had had an altercation because Einstein had come with the clear intention to sabotage his dance.

“Mi neva invite him ah mi party, and him come mash it up. Mi hear him a talk ‘bout how him face no de pon the poster and dem tings de and mi neva invite him. Mi go to the man five times and ask him fi just easy and chill, and him pull knife pan the man dem. Me and him no inna do dealing, and him come and mash up my ting, him fi know say all man from Matches Lane ah pree him right now. Mi go to the man and him still a gwaan like a eediat, so me have to move to him,” Craig Dennis told

Monday, June 4, 2007

Jamaican People We Are Blessed

Bwoy get I got these pictures in an email... Ithought they were real fuuny but the seriousness of the matter is that we nuh have ihard like people in Asisa....

Look at these pictures:-