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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beenie Man and DAngel Fought In New Kingston TODAY

News Flash....... Beenie Man & DÁngel just had a big fight in New Kingston....... on Garrelli Avenue near Haugthon Avenue

Rumor has it that the Range Rover was destroyed!!!......bare nastiness a chat!!!!! Bare big stone a throw... Where was Marco Dean?

Update coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think what's happening to the couple is really sad. I mean with a child involved one would think that they would settle their difference like grown ass people.

I am a KILLA fan but i had hope that their marriage was true and not a big gag as it as turned out to be...after all every1 needs love even if it's with your nemesis's EX.

Note to the Celebs: You are in the public's eye and as such your personal lives become the publics as well, deal with your problems in a more graceful manner for yourselves and the sake of your child.

Anonymous said...

This was not even through love. Which is obvious! This is right on time. Im a beenie fan and i like DAngel but this relationship was just 2 to upset killa.