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Friday, August 17, 2007

Jamaican Lawyer wants to legalise GANJA

READ THIS RELEASE ..... I think it is very interesting.... I received this minutes ago


To Whom It May Concern: I am Conrad Powell, Attorney-at-Law, running as the NDM candidate for MP in South East St. Elizabeth. My main platform is the legalization of ganja, creation of factories to produce by-products from ganja, and the creation of hemp factories in South East St. Elizabeth. I have received strong support from many farmers in the area. Research indicates that there is a large market for medical marijuana as well as pharmaceutical products made from ganja. Furthermore, there is a large market for industrial hemp used in rope materials and car production. Please contact me for an interview. My contact information is as follows: Cell- 416-2919 Office- 929-1991


Conrad Milton Powell was born in Ballard's Valley, Saint Elizabeth to Vernice Stephenson and Milton Powell. He migrated to the United States in 1978. He attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Government. He matriculated to Howard University School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctorate Law Degree. Thereafter, he was called to the District of Columbia, United States, Bar. In 2004, he returned to Jamaica where he attended Norman Manley School of Law. Thereafter he was called to the JAMAICAN bar. He lives in Junction, St. Elizabeth and has a practice in Kingston and is soon to open a law office in Junction, St. Elizabeth. He is the current NDM candidate for South East Saint Elizabeth in the upcoming 2007 General Elections. He runs on a platform of job creation by way of (1) legalization of Ganja and the creation of factories in South East St. Elizabeth to produce by products of the plant as well as source the legal medical ganja market (2) creation of hemp factories to produce by-products, and (3) Creation of a Farmer's Association to regulate prices of goods as well as provide subsidized or low-costs fertilizers and tools of the trade.


Anonymous said...

for years now I've been saying that Ganja can save Jamaica. All of Jamaica's exports can be be bought from other areas like Mexico for cheaper prices. Jamaica's culture beauty and music is the only thing that seems to make money for the island. We need something else to boost the economy. Legalize it! I'm not even a weed smoker but it makes perfect sense. It will surely boost tourism if College and University students can come some place on their breaks and light up legally. We can also attract international investments for clothing designers to make Hemp cool Hemp clothing; trust me plenty of kids would wear the clothing and make it the coolest thing; authentic Jamaica wear. Tink 'bout it. Plus you would have a lot of other types of companies coming in because hemp can be made into so many other products. Factories would open, people would be employed, farmers would have a strong and easy to grow crop. Any boost in the economy would bring down the crime rate. I am sure there are negatives but they are far out weighed by the positives. Anyways at this point Jamaica needs to try something new. The dollar keeps getting weaker. We keep loosing jobs. The crime rate is steadily on the rise. Ganja can be the savior of Jamaica; LO IT!

Riina said...

very interesting.. what surprises me is that google don't know a thing about him. makes me wonder if this is for real. i hope so. you'd think that the observer or gleaner would've wrote an article on him already..