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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sizzla violate me, Norris Man says

Norris Man is not backing down from any future confrontation with Sizzla or his entourage following his beat-down at the hands of Sizzla's turban-wearing Rastafarian supporters at the 'St. Mary Mi Come From' over the weekend.

“Ah country Sizzla come from, me ah original West Kingston man, me no haffi buy friend. Him fi know that as long as him live, him diss me,” he told One876Entertainment.

The major television stations have been carrying footage of the incident that occurred during Lady Saw’s set when Sizzla walked on and began to deejay. Norris Man entered the stage and declared that he had rehearsed with the Jah Prophecy band and was there to perform.

He then deejayed his hit, Big Long Gun Go Over Dem Yard on the Red Bull & Guinness rhythm to a roar of approval from the crowd.

“Hope anno me you a talk, Norris Man. Come offa me (expletive) stage,” Sizzla said.

Chastened, Norris Man then uttered what many believe to be his death warrant when he responded with a derogatory remark about Sizzla’s mother. He was then attacked and punched several times by several men, even when he had thrown up his hands in apparent surrender; the blows seemed to come from all sides.

After Capleton rushed in to part the melee, Sizzla continued to perform, saying:

“Norris Man, me a badman, mi nuh haffi cuss bad word, a Kingston me come from.” Then he promised that ‘some big long gun ah run out pon dem", and the crowd went wild.

Some people have said that the two had had some amount of friction because Sizzla felt Norris Man’s song on the RBG was a counteraction to Big Long Gun on the Applause rhythm.

Two days after the incident, Norris Man is still angry at the onstage attack. He promised that he would ‘see’ Sizzla’s entourage soon, and that they were hiding from him.

“Sizzla violate me...mi no punk inna war, why dem nah drive out? Nuh dem have all the machines dem? Right now, mi waan hear wah dem haffi say about this ting 'cause right now, mi nah go to no police wid my ting. Me know the whole ah dem who lick me, tell dem say dem nuffi run and hide, me ah see the whole ah dem. Dem anno artiste, and my fans waan see dem,” he said.

He said he was ready for a lyrical and a physical confrontation with those who were responsible for attacking him.

In the meantime, Claudette Kemp, Capleton’s manager, said that the David House camp would soon be issuing a press release regarding the annual show.


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