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Friday, August 31, 2007

DAngel pens - One Minute Man for the King

Today, One876Entertainment got a copy of a saucy song by a female artiste which suggests that 'Minute man fi get bun'. The song is voiced on a 80s one-drop song and in the introduction, the artiste uses D'Angel's signature introduction, 'Anso' and declares 'this is Angel'.

DAngel2.jpgIf some bwoy nah gimme the wok right, him haffi get some bun around here, ANSO

Some bwoy fi get bun, bun-bun-bun
Minute man fi get bun, bun-bun-bun
Some bwoy fi get bun-bun-de-bun-bun
Minute man fi get bun-bun-bun

Bwoy gwaan like him waan come hate me body
Just through him hear say me a par wid Teddy
Through him know say dem man de big and heavy
And di man plan fi buy me a brand new Chevy
Mi dun tell the bwoy mi waan a strong man fi come hackle mi body
From wah day ya, mi notice say the bwoy nuh ready

Listen track here

Is this really D'Angel? And who is Teddy? Is this short hard for 'teddy bear'? And is he really big and heavy physically? Or does the 'big and heavy' dispensation refer to his deep pockets, and fat bankroll?

If this is really the female artiste known as D'Angel, it could be a startling revelation of infidelity, or maybe it is just a fictional narrative penned by D'Angel. While this song does not have the same emotional currency of Rihanna's Unfaithful, it is striking in its - to use the local parlance -- 'barefacedness' and its impish mean-spiritedness.

During an interview two weeks ago, Beenie Man had told a One876Entertainment reporter that she had done a song saying 'Beenie Man fi get bun'.

"How she fi even do a song like that?" he had said, shaking his head. "Me fi get bun?"

Efforts to get a comment from D'Angel proved futile

We had thought that it was a rumour until this week when we heard the track. One876Entertainment is trying to ascertain who the producer of the track is.


1 comment:

shortness said...

This does not surprise me as D'angel is known to be a sketel. Secondly i dont see D'angel as any form or kind of artist so her songs are noises that buzzes in one's ears like a mosquito!