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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gay Entertainers Exposed

Former Hollywood Publicist Exposes Gay Entertainers; Ludacris Affair With Gay Porn Star...

I am going give you a few sentences from Jonathan Jaxson's Blog site... he has mentioned names of major Hip Hop super stars and actors you are allegedly gay/lesbian....

J.J’s at it again. The Hollywood blogger turned celebrity tattle who brought us the tidbits on Eve ordering lezzie hookers during a recent stay in Miami is now outing every member of Black Hollywood from Diddy down to Ludacris and Suge Knight.

It is said from a TOP Atlanta celebrity stylists that R. Kelly, Ja Rule, DMX all slept with their male fashion stylist. Oh and R. Kelly’s brother outed him a while back too… ere is the beginning of my post.

Click on link to read more on Jonthan Jaxon's Blog site

People this is mind blowing... I was so shocked..... I need somebody to hold up me up on my chair.. .trust me when you read might someone to hold on to....


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