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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UPDATE: Beenie Man attempts to repossess M.A.F.I.A House furniture

People.. you si how people mix up...... Here is the full details from one876entertainment reporter who was on the scene.

Jamaican Dancehall artiste, Beenie Man managed to work his way into the news today but not by a stage performance at a show. This time it was a show at the offices of his M.A.F.I.A House label in Kingston.

BeenieMan1.jpgA source close to the artiste told One876Entertainment that Beenie Man made a phone call to the office earlier today and the person who answered the phone made what they describe as a rude remark and said that they are no longer working with him. Beenie Man then asked the person on the phone who was paying the bills for the business and as a matter of fact, is coming to remove the furniture.

Beenie Man then came to the premises with his friends and a moving truck and they proceeded to remove the furniture and equipment from the offices.

When D’Angel heard about this she arrived at the premises and confronted Beenie Man and the movers. The source said D’Angel lifted her skirt and told Beenie Man to ‘suck her out back way because she f@ck fi this’ while she patted her genital area.

D’Angel tried to find receipts showing that she paid for them but she only found a contract for the furniture.

Beenie Man wasn’t paying her any attention as he joked and laughed with the huge crowd that converged around the building.

The confrontation seemed to be a delay tactic as she contacted her lawyer who came later with a court injunction ordered by the Supreme Court. According to a police officer, the injunction bars Beenie Man from entering or removing any equipment assets from this office and other premises as well. Beenie Man is also required to appear in court on August 23 based on the injunction.

Assistant Superintendent, Wayne Cameron told One876Entertainment that the police responded to calls that there was a dispute at 8 Garelli Avenue involving Moses Davis and Michelle Downer-Davis but when they arrived they realized there was no physical altercation.

The equipment and furniture were placed back in the office and Beenie Man left the compound.

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one876blogger said...

Unuh tek a look at now and se the letter whe D'Angel people dem write to Claude Mills. That bugga soon get sued