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Thursday, May 31, 2007

KC Jockey Ready for the Big Stage

KC Jockey dem can't hold yuh back dis year yah....


People mi seh mi get an email from dis radio station inna di USA... sey KC Jockey songs deh pan demand and people must vote fi him.... yuh si a King neva get crowd in his own country.... well one time nuff people seh dem nuh know a KC Jockey song... im nuh have nuh video but im four HDF video to be exact... nuff radio rotation... Sound man a endorse im ting... suh im management team Tesah & Stampede really a work har pan im ting... plus im 32x10 ft billboard a mash up di place.... Listen to KC Jockey's songs on
VOTE for KC Jockey songs on this radio site.. Copy on the link :-

Yuh si people sometimes we Jamaicans too hard pan di artiste dem but I guess our standards are very high so it keeps them on there toes,... years ago I heard Beenie Man said in an interview seh if you can please Jamaican people you can please di world.... Jah-Mek-Yah.....

You know wat I admire about KC Jockey is that he invest in imself.. but some artiste spend it pan girls, entourage and bling bling.. mi nuh sey im nuh do it to but im put im career first...

He is the only reggae/artiste right yah now... im acting and music career a grow like twin..... im just play some likkle roles inna three movies American Gangster - Denzel Washington, Ego-Eve and I Am Legend - Wil Smith...... Si now im single SHAKE wid the pretty singer Santalina a get nuff video play pan stations world wide..... Now mi hear seh KC Jockey ago do annada movie... it might not be big roles but even if yuh finga inna it and yuh name deh inna di credits .. it is a big ting fi million dolla movie........

KC Jockey mi hear im a work wid big Hip Hop producer Rellee from New York .... Rellee now.. a im produce di Raging Bull Riddim.....Yeah a im produce di big song fi KC Jockey PARTY SPIRIT..... Mi glad people show di tune nuff love......Well mi deh a Passa Passa and di girls gwaan wicked when di tune a play...Swatch buuss it up....

KC travels to Jamaica is just around the corner.... mi know seh nuff people ago shock when dem hear sey KC Jockey deh a Jamaica.


Yuh know seh im fi get credit because he is in the top ten artiste ina Jamaica who gives to charity... Big Up K Jockey God Bless yuh fi dat... dem cant stop yuh right yah now.....

Click on the video below to watch SHAKE - KC Jockey & Santalina

Nadine Sutherland’s Call My Name Tops the Chart

Big up yuhself Nadine... !!!!!
Don't give up on your nuh matter how hard it may seem - Tarrus Riley 1st Album

Two months after its release, the album that heralded Nadine Sutherland’s return to the music spotlight shows no signs of slowing down. Call My Name (Eight76 Records) is number 1 on this week’s South Florida Reggae Album Chart (XNews) and inches closer to Billboard’s Reggae Album Top Ten with a two point rise to #12. In related news, the album’s first single, “Big Tingz,” has entered the top ten in South Florida, and sits at #30 on New York’s Reggae Singles Chart.

Nadine and Eight76 recently held a press reception for the album at Grog Shoppe (Devon House) in Kingston, Jamaica. The island’s press corps turned out in full force including representatives from RE-TV, HYPE TV, Entertainment Report (TVJ), CVM-TV, X News, Khool FM, Roots 96.1, Jamaica Observer, and Irie FM. After an invocation from Rev. Sheila McKeithen (Universal Center of Truth) guests were treated to a video presentation and live performance by Nadine. The popular artist’s creativity, growth, longevity and perseverance were lauded in remarks by Desmond Young (Jamaica Federation of Musicians), Clyde McKenzie (Entertainment Advisory Board), Winston “Merritone” Blake, and industry peers Pam Hall and Robbie Lyn. Co-executive producer, Kenroy “YahBreeze” Archibald, spoke of the creative connection with Sutherland that made the album special from the very outset. Wife and Eight76 Records partner, Myshjua Archibald, noted that the album’s success brings her pleasure not only as a record label but also as a friend. “I am excited to see my friend doing well and still enjoying her work after so many years in this industry,” said Archibald.

Nadine is on a short production break from her hit show, Digicel’s Rising Stars. She will use the time to continue promotion of her album with stops in South Florida and New York. In South Florida, Sutherland will appear at the City of Lauderhill Lakes WalMart SuperCenter’s Hurricane Preparedness Rally on Saturday, June 2nd in conjunction with NBC 6 TV and MYSTIK 1400AM.

From there, she heads up to the Big Apple for the CTDC Caribbean Week (June 9 through 17). For more information visit

Eight76 Records is distributed in the United States by C.E.D. Entertainment / Super D, and the label’s vinyl singles are sold through Dynamic Sounds in Jamaica.

Official Websites:

Fans Longing for Curefest

Big Up Jah Cure!!!!!!!!


People si mi tell yuh seh Jah cure a come run tings a Jamaica when im come out..... Im ago come change the pace of things for a while in the music business and it is gonna be hard for some of thses artiste to keep in the race...... di concert dem wid Jah Cure is gonna be huge... God ordained this memba mi ell yuh dis.... Si nuh care dem try keep down good music all innna prison it haffi leak out..... nuh play wid fi mi Jah..... Jah Rastafariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... yeah mi have rasta beliefs to .... an so soooooooo.....

I read this one876entertainment.....

Danger Promotions reports that Jah Cure fans have been leaving countless messages on the Curefest hotline: 1-888-Jah-Cure. While the support is not a surprise to the promoters, they were not expecting the overwhelming amount of calls in such a short span of time."There is a crazy amount of calls coming in daily. The hotline was established to give information about Curefest but fans have been leaving personal messages for Jah Cure. There is a lot of love out there for his music." Stated Della of Danger Promotions.

Danger Promotions asks that fans who leave messages on the 1-888-Jah-Cure line to be sure to leave their contact information to be able to receive Curefest and Jah Cure information.

On hearing about the messages left for him, Jah Cure expressed how grateful he was for the support. "I can feel the energy of my supporters from behind these walls. I feel great knowing that I have a positive message that people want to hear. I'm glad that something positive can come out of this negative situation. I am very grateful, and give thanks."Curefest marks Jah Cure's first performance in 8 years and is set for August 24-26, 2007 on the North Coast of Jamaica. Danger Promotions, Iyah Cure Promotions and Brass Gate Promotions have teamed up to present this 3-day event focusing on the work and music of Jah Cure.

Yow mi seh yuh cant hold own great music.....


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tarrus Riley & Dean Fraser served Musical Food at the Village Cafe

Tarrus Riley Locked Village Cafe ...Big Up Tarrus!!!!!!!!!!Hi,

Mi sey people... when mi bredren Stampede told me about the live band at the Village cafe last night... mi couldn't wait fi 11pm come fi watch musical greats in concert.....
The Village Cafe, Kingston Jamaica holds about the most 300 people.... suh know sey the audience small si mi...... Lisin mi.... People and musicans waited patiently and quietly in the parking lot chatting for the show to start..... Yuh si as Tarrus Riley rolled in .. the people rolled in after him.. mi jus join the Taruss Riley entourage to get some of the musical food that was about to be served......

Suh mek mi tell about how dem cook di musical food at the cafe... people right yah now mi a write from mi heart suh nuh pretty up a ting mi just a buss a big blech after that musical dinner si mi... so mi good yah now.... Jah.....Rasssstaaaaaaaafariiiiiiii

Bwoy the stove in the kitchen was the Village cafe..and the chefs where established musicans that toured the world day in and out... dem passport full a stamp..... Well the Executive Chef was Senor Dean Fraser... so as the show started ..... the musicians start fi play everybody start fi dance...... The servers of the meals were Mystri Roots (upcoming artiste), Dean Fraser, Dwayne Stephenson of TO-ISIS fame and the man of the moment the HUMBLE Tarrus Riley....
From the first note sung by the artiste Mystical Roots...... di people dem start fi eating the appetizeer.... Yow when Dean Fraser start blowing that sax... di people dem just devoured the nurishment..... I enjoyed myself...... Then Dwayne Stephenson added colours and flavour to the salad......

People when di big man Tarrus Riley brought out the entree and the dessert ... the people ate it up fast and kept on asking for seconds..... Mi seh Tarrus served astring of nurishing hits in a spiritual fashion like Barber Chair, Beware, She Is Royal, Stay With You, Larger Than Life, Lion Paw, Microchip, My Baby, One Two Longer... just to mention a few....
You might tink mi crazy but this is the kind of entertainment corporate sponsors should endorse and the radio jocks and selectors glorify....... If they decide to support this kind of entertainment package and music energy... this is guaranteed to change the vibe in our country... I never had to fret about pick pockets, gun shot a fiyah, and all those negative energeries.. It was just positive vibes that we need meditation on...... You know what was great about this event the musicans just played with love in their hearts... An dem a pure name bran musicans from Lloyd Parkes and We The People Band, Shaggy Band, Jah Messenger Band...... suh yuh know sey it was great...A 9 musicans were on the stage horn section and all.....
Just in case you did not know is Dean Fraser produces and manages Tarrus Riley..suh yuh know seh Tarrus ago produce good music which is gonna run the place fi Chrissmuss... Tarrus ago come clean up some of the sections of our musical image right yah now... Im TWO album dem baddd trust mi..... Mi nuh care I am a Tarrus Riley fan because he is a positive musical ambassador... Tarrus told me sey im mek musical medicine because his father is a singer (Jimmy Riley) and his mother is a nurse suh a di combination dat MUSICAL MEDICINE!!!!

This Village cafe musical presentation should be free in the parking lot like PASSA PASSA, DUTTY FRIDAZE etc..... and people would certainly come. Sponsors should easily sponsor this kind of event but no dem a endorse damn foolishness which is only based on the dollar figure and not the value of our life and standards... but we just have to keep doing good and I am certain we must win Good over Evil.....

Monday, May 28, 2007

Downsound Records Bounces Back

Bwoy people mi did a medds bout Downsound Records dis mawning and mi haffi chat bout dem since Nanko cut left dem and the media house a give dem a flogging.. yuh know sometimes people have look pan di two side a story si mi... dis si wah mi a tink bout.....

Look like sey Joe of Downsound a bounce back wid im new artiste I-Maroon hot new single MI SALT......a lock the airwaves.... You cant keep Downsounds down fi long cause dem keep boucing back...Yuh see artiste development dem have it locked... but how??

But the question is why are all the artistes running away is that their rules are so strict that they have to leave or is it that they dont like longterm contracts and restrictions? A wonder if any of the artistes wey did run wey ago lap dem tail an come back fi get annah numba one again????.....

Anyways mi nuh inna di mix up ting... one thing everybody can say about Downsound Records dem nuh inna de long chatting.... dem put dem money weh dem mouth is...... Yuh haffi big up Joe Bogdanovich fi dat (someone baddi spell it fi mi)....... Joe a di man inna di blue shirt

Doundsound Records believe in producing good music... with sure number one hits..... So left dem now mek dem survive.... cho dem have dem bad ways but who doesn't...... Yuh haffi give Downsound credit a dem did produce di JahCure REFLECTIONS tune....... Big up Tyehimba!!!! A wah shi a do since shi left di Downsound camp... is she gonna come back???? Or is there another street person going to run tings????


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Black Pearl - Dancehall's Hit Songwriter


People you must be wondering if mi lick mi head or someting like that.... is that 99% of the time only the artiste dem get hightlight but they could not have done it without the assistance of other people..... Si mi....
Everytime I go to Penthouse Studio, Natural Bridge, King Jammy's studios I keep running into on certain young man ... mi just a sey im young mi nuh know how ole im be but one thing I mus say everytime im write a song it turn into gold.. trust me.... Mi big up di man Black Pearl..... Mi bad im up and ask im fi a picha fi mek di worl know sey im a one of the badddisss songwriter inna Jamaica right yah now... trust me......
Bwoy mi ask im first list out some of si song dem which he co-wrote or wrote by imself and diss a di impressive list im give mi:-



GASH DEM & LIGHT DEM - Chuck Fenda

SO WI TAN - Elephant Man

SOMETING MISSING - Lady Saw & Sanchez

COMING OVER TONIGHT - Chuck Fenda & Cherine


PLACE TOO BLOODY - Buju Banton & Anthony Cruz

FRIDAY FACE - Richie Spice

SPOT CHECK - Sanchez & Ninjaman

OWN BOSS - Bounty Killer

STORM AHEAD - Chuck Fenda

TEK MI MAN - DÁngel & Macka Diamond

HOLD MI - Singer Jay


ITS GONNA BE OVER - George Nooks

MAMA'S BLESSING - Anthony Cruz

OPEN YOUR EYES - Wayne Marshall

LOCK IT DOWN - Mad Cobra

Dis a some of dem he coulda remember off hand..... Well now im a work with the Sweet Sadie's camp and writing for one of dancehall's newest sensation KC Jockey.. si yah now KC Jockey a get nuff love with the single PARTY SPIRIT....

Yow Black Pearl look like yuh haffi get a manager soon.. look like yuh ago busss did yah year ayh...... Keep up the great work mi yout.....


'I can get any girl I want' - Shebada responds to girlfriend's

People mi nuh really inna di passa passa ting and di mix up ting wid nuh baddi but...mi read dis pan one876entertainment.... an mi haffi share it wid yuh... mouth is powerful eeehhhhhhhh... ladies si why unuh haffi careful when yuh ready date a man because unuh haffi check dem file before yu go venture and buck up pan di wrong soul...... read dah story yah..... pure confusion...ah who really a talk di truth?????.....

Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay is insisting that his ex-fiancee Keisha Shaw was madly in love with him but because of 'family pressures', she has disowned their love."She get coward, she fraida her family and her whoring sister. She loves me, ah she did look me, she beg me literally fi de wid har from earlier this year," he said.

A.K.A: But people are saying that you are telling lie on the 'pums'.SHEBADA: "Me can get any girl mi want, Keisha wanted sex but certain practices mi just not into."A.K.A: Certain practices? What do you mean? Oral sex?

SHEBADA: "No, I am more old-fashioned than you think, I attend the Franklin Town Church of God, I want to wait until after I am married. She wanted to have sex with me, she came to my room after a show, and we were kissing and there was heavy petting and she wanted sex but I wanted to wait until after we were married and now, she is telling the papers that I am lying. She is just afraid of her family.

"We have noticed an advertisement on local cable station HYPE YV with Shebada hugging a female who says she is Keisha and they will be 'talking the things' on next week's airing of Caribbean Shine.
Ladies remeba I did tell you fi check out di man dem file where ever yuh can fine it.. myspace, courthouse, ex-girfren, frens, bredrens... because it a hurt mi heart fi dem...because weh mi a si inna di dance nuh pretty.... a son right bout but mi haffi fine di right pic fi show yuh bad..... but mi nuh biznizzz wid people...suh life go still..

DUTTY FRIDAZE promotes new Artistes

Well people you know I took break off the DUTTY FRIDAZE picture but lawdd... it selfff offf for the past two weeks... mi sey di selector CD Master buss the new DUTTY FRIDAZE anthem - DRUNKEN DANCE by Future Fambo... mi sey the place went wild......

All of the major songs a run di place an di new sounds on the reggae dancehall scene mi go hightlight dem fi yuh:

Munga Honorable... Bad From Mi Bwaaan.... yow pure anthem im a come wid... fi real

RDX - Dance Dance... yow dis a run di place right yah now...evry bus truck, car a play dah tun yah....

Cutty Corn - Lucky Day... new onedrop song hot like fiyah.... pure request fi ada tune yah

Maurice - Annda Hot Wuk ... new hot gal tune... dis yah hot

Future Fambo - Drunken Dance... yow di people get mad and dun di place

KC Jockey - Party Spirit... nice dance tune di girls love dance Movements

Taurus Riley - She Is Royal, Beware, Stay With You... all dem three song a run di dance.... mek too call and si whe mi a talk bout....

Big up selector CD Master yuh really a buss the new artistes dem and create new vibe innna di dance... mi sey every song CD Master play a pure forward im play ....all how im intro di tune dem...wahhhhh it lock di city... im a di selector ago run di place fi Chrimusss.. memba mi did tell yuh.....

Mi know sey unnuh a go support dem fi di chrismusss....... Bwoy we need a new sound

Friday, May 25, 2007

KLASSIKAL SUNDAYS.. nice concept


People I was in an office yesterday and picked up this flier ...I thought it was kinda cute..... only to realise that is a 60's, 70's, 80's party....... I really like the concept... mi a read it while mi chat to yuh.......Kirk Riley -Fame Fm, Cancer from Stone is Cancer, Weepow & Rory.... yeah him.... An yuh can bring yuh favourite ole time record and di selectors will play it... thats cool..... A jus $500 fi gu eeeennnn...... its happening this Sunday..... I think I'm gonna go.. I am gonna ask my mother for a bell bottom pants to wear..... We need more parties like this man....

Trust mi.. mi like it..... di promota dem smart......


Leave Jah Cure Alone!!!!!!!!!

Yow people yuh see how people tan bad an stay...... mi see inna certain newspaper and website sey how dem a tear down Jah Cure posta... listen me...... People I am your eyes......

A just one posta was vandalized.... like nuff odda posta wey odda promoters put up..... And dem a try mek it look like a direct hit at Jah Cure come on now.... People love Jah Cure nuh care weh im do bad in the past true/false.... Jah-mek-yah people him.. suh unuh bad try nutten si mi..

Let me tell yuh dis .. it was ordained by God that Jah Cure is setting an example for others to follow... mi nuh know him or anything like dat but that is my spiritual feeling.... .looooew di yout...... Read this

Cause I swear That I can be a better manYes I swear,
If only you could understand
The faith in me shall set me free reflection
The faith in me shall set me free reflection

Let me make this prediction ... you see that Jah Cure Concert weh dem a promote it is gonna be one of the biggest concerts staged in Jamaica...... dem haffi go turn back people..... People ago fly from far and near...... I hope to God dem choose di right venue like Stadium or Jamworld....

Yuh si we haffi turn a negative into a positive...Mi haffi sey big up to the government because they created this opportunity for an artiste to record while being locked down.....

I just hope to God Jah Cure behave himself when im come out and now seh life is better doing the right thing.....

Mi next prediction Jah Cure is gonna change the vibe of our music for a the line-up for STING year because you know sey a dem a set the trend fi the music scence.. big up Mr Laing & Heavy D... a pure one drop ago run di place...... We need a clean up inna di music.. yuh si what we fail to realise is that the world listen to roots reggae/one drop reggae instead of our paper music... once we decide to make that change .... big tings ago happen...

Yuh might be wondering why I keep bigging up Ron Muschett and Prince of Irie Fm is because they stick to their roots reggae/onedrop formula and si it a work...... Nuff artiste a buss outa dem hand let me list them Damion Marley - Welcome Jamrock, Buju Banton - Driver, Chezideck - Leave Di Trees, Dez-I Boyd - Shake Up Yuh Natty, Ray Darwin - People's Choice, Jah Cure - Reflection... jus a few mi can rememba.. Si mi right..

Look at Tarrus Riley se im big tune She Is Royal a run di place..... yuh memba mi did tell yuh dat si mi...... Ahh right memba Chuck Fenda & Cherine Coming Over Tonight.... a big tune dat.... Cuttty Corn Lucky Day......

Suh mi know sey Jah Cure ago be di big man fi Chrismus!!!!!!



Jah Cure Set To Perform In August

Jamaican artiste Jah Cure will perform for the first time in 8 years at 'Curefest' set for August of this year. Danger Promotions, Iyah Cure Promotions and Brass Gate Promotions have teamed up to present a 3-day event focusing on the work and music of Jah Cure. Curefest will take place on the north coast of Jamaica, August 24-26, 2007.

Curefest celebrates Jah Cure's freedom while he gives thanks for life while spreading love through his music. Curefest is also geared at bringing back consciousness to the reggae/dancehall genre. Jah Cure's mission is to cure the world through music. The festival will showcase positive cultural, dancehall and international artistes, bringing a higher level of consciousness to Jamaica over the course of 3 days.Friday August 24, Reflection is an all-inclusive tribute dinner event hosted by Danger Zone Records.Saturday August 25, 45 Cure's is a selector spin-off and stage show where Radio DJ's compete with Sound System DJ's to play the best Jah Cure dub/mix. The night will also feature performances by Dancehall artistes.Sunday August 26, Longing For, is the final night of the festival when Jah Cure and his local and international celebrity friends will perform.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Future Fambo DRUNKEN DANCE song devastated DUTTY FRIDAZE


Mi sey people mi deh a DUTTY FRIDAZE and di selector CD Master play the Future Fambo Tune DRUNKEN DANCE ... di people dem get maddddd.....all mi a dance to di tune...

Yes mi a big up the new hot sensation weh ago run di place fi di summa.....

In case you did not know a im did name Future Troubles wid di big tune in the 90's Kong Fu..someting like dat.......

Memba mi did tell yuh about dis yah artiste yah too... Yuh see nuff people inna si business only a chat pan dem site bout pure hot artiste wat about... si a big di ne upcoming ones dem....

Yeah Future Fambo is annna Stampede endorsement!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dez-I Boyd hits with SHAKE UP YUH NATTY


People you must be wondering why I am featuring andda new artiste.... The music needs new fresh vibes to clean up the airwaves.... Well Dez-i Boyd a really SHAKE UP IM NATTY and a mash up the place all over the world.... people when I first heard the song I knew it was hit trust mi....

When you listen to the song SHAKE UP YUH NATTY on you will agree with me......

Yow people a talk bout how di artiste really can perform..... yuh know when Jamaican people a chat about artiste Dezi Boyd a one a dem..... People yuh must be wondering why I chat bout Ron Muschette and Prince is is because they are one of the few radio jockeys can take up an unknown song and buss it and it becomes a mega hit..... This was what happen to SHAKE UP YUH NATTY... Ron Muschette & Prince unuh a di bosss....
Dis is annah Stampede endosement!!!!!!!!!

Blessed Love


Celebrity Vibes Feature -

Cutty Corn - LUCKY DAY locks Jamdown riddim produced by Dangazone

Bwoy people mi haffi feature a new artiste yah CUTTY CORN...... im have a bad tune pan the Dangazone Riddim called LUCKY DAY.....

Mi sey di odda day mi deh a dance and a selector play di tune trust mi di farwood the tune get ..... people start ask a who do di tune..... an nuff man a sey a CUTTY CORN...

A pure request the tune a get pan di radio stations inna Jamaica...... Yow people ...CUTTY CORN ago busssss... memba mi tell yuh dat.....

Stampede a di man and im endorse dis yah artiste so yuh know seh...CUTTY really a go bussss dis ya year yah.....

Memba mi did tell yuh dat.............. Mi know sey mi bredrens Ron Muschette & Prince pan Irie Fm ago buss dis yah one yah..... Trust mi ....


Chaka Demus & Pliers at it again with ‘Need Your Loving’

Chaka Demus and Pliers are at it again with the single‘Need Your Loving’. This sweet lovers’ lullaby leaves the listenertotally captivated as the words wash over them like asoothing balm. This one is unlike ‘Murder She Wrote’but has the same addictive vibes.

In this day and age when most of the songs leavewomen feeling battered from the onslaught of thelyrics, ‘Need Your Loving’ is the perfect remedy. The song is already blasting across the airwaves asthere has been good reception to the pre-releasedversion. The duo is now putting the finishing toucheson the video for the song.

Shot on location at Trafalgar Park and Airport Roadunder the direction of Leo, the plot is all about“everlasting love,” this according Chaka Demus. “It’s a wonderful video and the concept is good,”Pliers threw in as he talked about the upcoming videofor the song. That’s not the only thing the duo is up to, they arenow focusing on re-releasing their album titled ‘BackOff The Wall’. According to both artistes, they were unhappy withthe promotion surrounding the first release of thealbum, and added to that it was not released inJamaica or the Caribbean. The new album will be coming with tracks such as‘Bounce, ‘Man A Lion’ and the hot single that seemsset to create a lot of noise in the dancehall ‘NeedYour Loving’.

But then again, that’s nothing new for this dynamicduo as success is nothing new to them. Chaka Demus &Pliers enjoyed overwhelming success on the BritishCharts. Between June 1993 and January 1995, theynotched up a record five consecutive UK Top 20entries, including ‘Twist and Shout’, their number onehit with Jack Radics. The duo became household namesas a result; the combination of Pliers’ yearningvocals and Chaka Demus’ rockstone chat provingirresistible to their new found global audience, andearning them a gold disc for their debut album forIsland Jamaica, ‘Tease Me’. The jovial demeanour and strong moral character ofJohn Taylor aka Chaka Demus provides a welcomecontrast to the raga raga bad bwoy stereotype. Hederived his moniker from the late Jamaican MC,Nicodemus, and afterward honed his skills on smallerset such as Roots Majestic and Supreme and then KingJammy’s Champion Sound system, stationed in the nearbyghetto community of Waterhouse.

It was Jammy’s who produced his debut songs ‘IncreaseYour Knowledge’ and a 1995 hit, ‘One Scotch’, which heshared with fellow deejay, Admiral Bailey. The affableChaka rose quickly to prominence thereafter, recordinghits for Black Scorpio, Harry J. Skengdon, BobbyDigital and Penthouse before teaming up with Pliers in1991 after a chance encounter at a Miami stage show. Everton Bonner aka Pliers was raised in the Rock HallDistrict of St. Ann and was initially known as BluesMelody before being renamed Pliers because of hisresemblance to another DJ named Pinchers. His earlyhits included the very first version of ‘Murder SheWrote’ as voiced for Pioneer Musik in 1986. Althoughencouraged by Yellowman, he had already marked hisdebut with the stark reality song ‘Babylon A BrutalizeWe’, a good three years previously, with his fluentwarble weaving a pretty path between original songs and cover versions.

When the two came together, their first collaborationwas ‘Gal Wine’ which enjoyed chart success. ChakaDemus & Pliers have not looked back as they kept goingfrom strength to strength. The world-renowned duo wants the world to know thatthey are back, now under new management of ExplorerEntertainment, with a renewed spirit and drive toreclaim their fame. “We are back in the place to make fans feel niceagain,” they chorused

VOICEMAIL Gone alead......

Gwann mi youts unuh buss yah.. unuh a represent big time..

Source: Headline Entertainment


It is hard to go to any local stage show and not be graced with the unique sound, 'Hey' which alerts you that "You've got mail; Voice Mail". The dancehall trio has been making waves in the Jamaican music industry for quite sometime. However, it was when they flipped it a little and piggybacked on the vibrant dancing culture that leading Dancehall artist, Elephant Man revived, that they made a lasting impression in the music minds of the populace.

The group comprises of three very talented and hardworking young gentlemen and their dynamic personalities add to the synergy of the group. Kevin, a former model is very low profile and comments that "I'm just a happy go lucky person… always ready for anything." Craig on the other hand, is a perfectionist when it comes to recording and is considered the most miserable member. Nevertheless, he is also the most fun-loving and comical. O'Neil, who is very business oriented, is considered the "unspoken boss."

Voice Mail has seen many hit songs. These include: Weddy Time, the successful collaboration with Gerald 'Bogle' Levy, Get On Up, Do What You Feel Like and the chart stopper tribute to Bogle Wacky Dip. Their recent hits include Gangsta Rock (Get Crazy), Dancefloor and Let's Dance.

The Reggae/ Dancehall 2005 Year in Review also deemed Voice Mail, Group of the Year. O'Neil commented on the group's success and expressed the group's desire to remain consistent.

Their debut album Hey was released in Japan on January 1, 2006 and was released every where else in the first week of February. The album has 17 tracks with seven new songs. They worked with producers such as Danny Champagne, Tony Kelly, Christopher Birch, Nigel Staff, The Ballaz, Michael Fletcher, Robert Livingston, Don Corleone, and Alrick and Boyd.

Currently, Voice Mail is the face of Cable and Wireless' mobile service, bMobile, and can be seen on several billboards islandwide as well as on TV. They can also be heard on the radio promoting the service.

They released their latest project on Tuesday, April 18, titled Let’s Go. This album was released in Japan by Pony Canon and has since sold over 40,000 copies. Dancehall hits such as Dancing Fever and Let’s Dance as well as sultry tunes such as I Need You and Memories By The Score.

So whether it is a community link up stage show, an internationally acclaimed event like Reggae Sumfest or just chilling at the popular night club, the Quad, listen out for the sound ‘hey' because Voice Mail will be there.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Foxy Brown - Allegation of Reckless Driving


Yow people mi have talk di tings dem.... mi fine dis yah pan Foxy Brown a get charge for drunk driving..... lose har license....

According to our Sources, Foxy Brown AKA The Ill NaNa was driving on a suspended license, in Brooklyn, when she almost hit a young woman pushing a stroller. The New York Daily News first reported that according to the mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, she was in the crosswalk with her stroller in front of her when the rapper sped past her in a silver Range Rover. The mother barely had time to pull the baby out of harm's way before exchanging some heated words with the sassy Foxy. "She cursed at me and proceeded to drive down Prospect Place."The unnamed mother attempted to file a police report but the police advised her that they could not assist her because neither her nor her baby were actually hit.

The police department further could not respond to the alleged reckless driving charges even though DMV confirmed the Brown's driver's license has been revoked for failing to respond to summonses. Brown also has a history of driving without a license. This was evident in her citation back in 2000 when she crashed her Range Rover off Flatbush Avenue. Range Rover...Brooklyn...hmm!Since the victim had no recourse, she gave the New York Daily News an exclusive.

Akon's Accuser Exposed


People Jah Know star..... yuh si how some gal pickney wicked wah fi get mi big big big superstar AKON....... Di lckle gal nuh expose har age sey shi a 19...... mi read dis yah pan partyxtraz.... yes mi fass but mi know sey unuh love di vibes.

Danah Alleyne, revealed some interesting things on her myspage page. Pictures of Danah posing very provocatively and a big age change, Danah says she is 19!!!! You may remember the incident and video of Akon in Trinidad dancing with the 14 year old Click here to refresh your memoryHere is a paragraphs from Danah (the pastor's daughter's) Myspace Page:

"hmm well my name is danah, i am really outgoing, wild,and luvvvv to have fun, luvv to be around frendz and hang out and off course PARTYYY!! I am a professional slacker! I am down to earth.. doh take no shit from anyone type of girl however most people who don't give me a chance will plainly say "I'm a BITCH" oh well... ima bitch, ive got class, mess wid me and i'll kick ur ass!! neways u'll jus have to get to knw me if u wanna knw nemore!! well im out peacee :P"

May di God Lord help har...... yow star mi vex...

NE-Yo has a crush on Alicia Keys


Lawd Goadddddddddd a wah dis mi read pan ... yow people Ne-Yo brave sey im have crush pan Alicia Keys an him declare im sexual preference...come on now Ne-Yo ....

Ne-Yo was recently interviewed by our homies over at Extra TV and called 'music' his girlfriend, she (music) is very jealous, and she doesn't leave time for anything else. He also says he is a butt-man. He also says he has a crush on Alicia Keys.For "some reason", I don't think his game is strong enough to pull AK.

Richie Spice Unable to perform in the USA.....Hush Richie Spice

Hi ,

People boy when man a plan God a wipe out.... Si how Richie Spice a plan fi do 3 show inna d US im cant go because di US Embassy have have hack log.... a wah dis fadda......Read dis yah press release.....

Due to a backlog of visa requests at the Jamaican US Consulate, Richie Spice will not be able to travel to the US to perform at 3 shows scheduled over the next 3 weeks. Fifth Element Records' applied for the permits in the time specified by the Jamaican US Consulate, however, the consulate informed the label that they would not be processing any visa applications until June when he will then be obtain all the required documents to perform in the US.Richie Spice will not be able to perform in the US until after June 10th and consequently Fifth Element Records' has had to postpone the 3 US show dates scheduled:May 26 - Martha's Vineyard, MA May 27 - Club Tobago, NY June 3 - Westchester Reggae Festival, NY"We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but ask that the present confirmed dates be postponed until a later date to accommodate these procedures." Devon Wheatley, CEO of Fifth Element Records stated.

"We cannot emphasize just how sorry we are for disappointing not only the faithful promoters of the shows within that time, but also the dedicated fans of Richie Spice."Richie Spice will try to take every opportunity to perform in the US in the future to make it up to his fans. Richie had planned to head to the US after his Europe tour which ends on Sunday, May 20.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 19, 2007

Top Ten (10) Dancehall Songs


1. 2 5 Wine Pon U - Vybz Kartel

2. 1 5 Dying Movado

3. 4 5 Bad From Mi Born - Munga Honorable

4. 3 5 Fren From Dem - Mr. Vegas

5. 6 5 Tek Weh Yuhself - Mr. Vegas

6. 10 3 Don’t Cry - Movado

7. 9 5 Reverse The Thing - Beenie Man

8 new 0 Back It Up – Beenie Man

9. 5 5 Run Dem Head - Erup

10. new 0 Dance – RDX featuring Jigsy

Top Ten (10) Reggae Songs


1. 2 5 Save The Juvenile - Lutan Fyah

2. 1 5 Brown Skin - Richie Spice

3. 4 5 Stay With You - Taurus Riley

4. 8 3 Board House - Nesbeth

5. 10 3 Happiest Days – Vybz Kartel feat Movado
6. 9 5 Beware – Tarrus Riley
7. new 0 I Can’t Stop Loving You – George Nooks
8. 5 5 Hideaway – Tessanne Chin
9. 3 5 My Faddah Sey – Gyptian
10. 6 5 Herbs Come Around – Collie Budz

Popular Artiste of the Week


New Artiste of the Week

Dez-I - New Creation Artiste making waves with his song SHAKE UP YUH NATTY

Dancer(s) of the Week

KEIVA THE DIVA - Dancer Enterprenuer

Top Five (5) Events of the Week
1. Dutty Fridaze
2. Bembe Thursday
3. Passa Passa
4. Weddy Weddy
5. Prendy’S On The Beach
Lookout for I-Maroon New single “Mi Salt”

Street Vibes
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