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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Where My Ladies At?
weekly blow by blow!


Where My Ladies At? is an interactive film about Hip Hop + Sex. Write to us and we'll write back to you!

We are going to follow Keisha and Cielo, two New Yorkers who know the Hip Hop adult industry inside and out, for the next 30 days.

This is a conversation about Hip Hop, women and sexuality. It's time to talk honestly about the roles and representation of women in the industry.

Come check out the site. We have Hip Hop pioneers talking shop, a video competition, and a whole lotta controversy.

From music videos to strip clubs, from underground clubs to community organizations, get the low down on the state of women in Hip Hop.
Shout out to Keisha, Cielo, 01 and our crew.

Dr. Roxanne Shante, one of our Hip Hop pioneers, hosts a forum our site

01 was in "Cash Money Click" with Ja Rule and Jody Mack back in 94.

You can see Cielo in the "International Players Anthem" UGK/Outkast video

Keisha was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in her high school graduating class.


"Keisha, you are sexy. Make that money from the fools who will pay for it."
Posted by G

"Your daughters jus going to end up shaking her ass like her mama. get a real job and be a f***ing role model for young girls, dont go writing a book on your sins."
Posted by melymel

"I am so tired of seeing sisters think it's either working the pole, working the videos or taking our clothes off. Our mothers worked way too hard, our people struggled way too long for us."
Posted by Sandra


"younger people think hip hop is JUST music. it's a culture and i claim it so i take it personal. i want my kids to grow up knowing what hip-hop really is, not what the scavengers who have made it into their own tell us."
Posted by dopeswan

"Sex is a natural thing, making money off of it can't be all of hip hop's fault..."
Posted by tek_one

tekone image
a video response to cielo
was posted by tekonedigital

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a girl named Rock. said...

KC Jockey is now representing in the Where My Ladies At? forums too! Big up!