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Sunday, April 29, 2007

PASSA PASSA Hot Again!!!!!

PASSA PASSA... locks the streets

I went to Passa Passa on Wednesday... it was real hot and the dancers and celebs rolled out in fine style... There is something that is unique about Passa Passa

The Celebs heat up PASSA PASSA

My hottest pic is of the Mr & Mrs Davis they look like they were really in love dancing together... yeah dem hattttt si why people nuff fi business wid people marriage life.... Beenie Man yuh a star mi bwoy... bless up on yuh new hit 'Back It Up'.... Mi hear im just do a music video for the single.. .De Doctor lock the place againnnnn..... Be fair don't dem look good....

Stampede & Maurice a
pass through PASSA PASSA

KC Jockey's manager, Tesah Linton...
looks hot in her Scottish hattt......

Sherlock Crew
yuh ....
have the
worl lock

PASSA PASSA main celebriity Madussa dun di place...... Madussa a di bosss..

The Dancers heat up the street

Ding Dong Have the place locked with his new image..
Big up Ding.. yuh a hard working yout

John Hype mi nuh know...
Yuh dance sellll offf..
Yuh get Artiste of the Week on

Craigy Dred.. yuh have the place
locked mi yout.. pure flyout ting wid
Voicemail.... Yuh hattttt!!!!

This history.....
These all the female dancers
locking all the street dance dem:-
Madussa Daughter,
Swizzle Body Girls, Mumzel,
Mad Michelle, Dahlia and
Latesha.. Demmm hatttt

Bwoy...dis yah wheel chair dancer locks every dance wid the girls.. trust mi on dis one.. if yuh watch the PASSA PASSA & DUTTY FRIDAZE Dvd's you will see him... dont under estimate .... fi real star


PASSA PASSA Signature Sound System Swatch International

Jazzy J, Genious, Wessy Wessy..... yuh nuh jus know how to keep the people dancing from 4 am - 8 am.. yeah... Bwoy the rest a di crew deh a Japan - Maestro, Randy Rich, Nico.. big up unuh self.. si mi
People.. I had fun watch the people dancing in the street.... Yuh needed to be there.. trust mi.....

Reggae Vibes & Fatal Entertainment announces partnership


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (NEW YORK – APRIL 11, 2007) New York / Jamaica based Reggae Vibes Productions Inc. President/CEO, "Jah Mike" Coburn proudly announces its new worldwide partnership with New York based entertainment company, Fractal Entertainment, and its extensive international catalog and new releases are distributed in the US through Select-O-Hits. Select-O-Hits is one of America's leading independent entertainment distribution companies.

Reggae Vibes Productions Inc. has a long history of success in the Reggae music market with nearly a decade of work to its credit. The label has released Ky-Mani Marley's 2001 Grammy®-nominated Many More Roads CD release, Wayne Wonder's Schizophrenic CD, and Tony Curtis' Ready For the World CD release with VP Records. The exciting schedule of new releases starting in June includes all new music from veteran singer, Courtney Melody, and a series of chat-topping riddim driven CDs Guala Guala, Focus, and Hardcore. Music videos have been shot with hat video director, Jay Will, for various artists on the Guala Guala riddim including Wayne Marshall, Tanya Stephens, and more. Reggae Vibes Productions stable of artists also boasts up and coming artists Nico, Rally Bop, and Prince Theo.

Dale Ashley, President/CEO of Fractal Entertainment stated, "We are very excited about working with Reggae Vibes Productions. The recent signing will expand Fractal's presence in the Reggae markets as well as expanding Reggae Vibes Productions’ releases into a broader audience." The Reggae market is continuing to emerge in the Entertainment business and growth has been one of the largest sectors in the music industry due the roots' evergreen quality and dancehall's inherent cross-over potential.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Stampede Street Vibes - April 27 Charts

April 27, 2007

Top Ten (10) Dancehall Songs
1. 1 2 Dying Movado

2. 2 2 Run Dem Head - Erup

3. 3 2 Fren From Dem - Mr. Vegas

4. 5 2 Wine Pan Vybz Kartel

5. 5 2 Hoola Hoop - Macka Diamond

6. 6 2 Bad From Mi Born - Munga Honorable

7. 7 2 Rise The Machine - Einstein

8. 8 2 Tek Weh Yuhself - Mr. Vegas

9. 10 2 Ruem Ram - Q Q

10. 9 2 Reverse The Thing - Beenie Man

Top Ten (10) Reggae Songs

1. 1 2My Fadda Seh - Gyptian
2. 2 2 Hideway - Tessanne Chin
3. 4 2 Brown Skin - Richie Spice
4. 3 2 Herbs Come Around - Collie Buddz
5. 7 2 Save The Juvenile - Lutan Fyah
6. 8 2 Stay With You - Taurus Riley
7 . 5 2 This Time I Promise - Da'ville
8. 6 2 Loco Amore - Nanko
9. 10 2 Beware - Taurus Riley
10. 9 2 Brooklyn & Jamaica - Morgan Heritage

Popular Artiste of the Week


New Artiste of the Week

I-OCTANE - music video on CVM TV Reggae Charts... get regular rotation with his single 'Stab Vampire'

Dancer(s) of the Week

Top Three (3) Events of the Week

1. Dutty Fridaze

2. Bembe Thursday

3. Passa Passa

4. Weddy Weddy

5. Uptown Mondays

Elephant Man's Album 'Get Physical' Coming out June
Street Vibes
Capeton, KC Jockey, Vybz Kartel, Macka Diamond, Mackie Conscious, Martin X donated funds for the building of a classroom at Tredegar Park All Age School.PM Portia Simpson endorses Reggae Academy & Awards

Sources: Record Shops, Sound Systems, Night Clubs, Radio Play and People in the streets.

Boggie Man Barry G gets a stroke


Bwoy I was reading the Jamaican star yesterday and I saw that one of Jamaica's top radio Jockey has gotten a stroke...... the Boggie Man Barry G... trust me mi feel it star...... Bowy Ron Muschette , Irie FM yuh bredren sick star and both of yuh sound alike..... I hope Ron & Prince speaks about this on the Wake Up Call....... People mi acry inside star......ah mi bredren....

Here is the link to the Jamaican Star :

Barry G's stroke of luck

Contrary to rumours that he is infected with HIV, radio entrepreneur Barrington 'Barry G' Gordon is now recovering from a severe stroke he recently suffered.
Barry G, 50, has been involved in media since the 1970s, having worked at JBC (now RJR). The former disc jock was hospitalised in Florida about two weeks ago after he suffered a stroke while on a flight from Montego Bay to Florida.
With a stutter in his voice Barry G told the STAR, "I was airborne when I wanted to use the restroom, I felt like I was stumbling - my wife had to assist me." He had to be wheelchaired off the plane and immediately taken to a hospital.
Since the stroke, he has been experiencing speech difficulties and constant hiccups. he has also been unable to walk upright.
Happy to be alive
However, he says is happy to be alive. "The doctors have told me how lucky I've been. Many people haven't survived it or they have serious deformities, brain damage, the most severe consequence having been a lasting coma," he said.
While the doctors have not been able to pinpoint the source of the stroke, they have the ex-DJ on medication, a strict diet and constant exercise.
This has set back his plans to make a comeback to radio, but Barry G says he is still optimistic.
"My major concern is not the stroke but the hiccup. My hiccup has been holding me off and I'm not as fluent as I should be," he said.
He is grateful for the warm response from his family, friends and fans, and is hoping for a quick recovery.
However, in the midst of his illness, Barry G was disheartened to hear rumours from back home about his hospitalisation.
"My associates in Jamaica tell me all sorts of rumours have been going around," he said. He elaborated that the rumours have said he has HIV, which is far from the truth. His family has not been talking about the incident to the public, but he says having a stroke is nothing to be embarrassed about.
He says that upon his return to Jamaica, he hopes to help others who have experienced this illness.
"We really have serious problems in Jamaica. If I survive I'd love to help people to get machines to do instant tests, which is completely lacking in Jamaica. While I have survived, many people in Jamaica have not. I would like to dedicate my life to helping people, to get the opportunity for higher assistance, " he said.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prime Minister Endorses Reggae Academy & Awards

PM Speaks at Launch of Reggae Academy & Awards

Primie Minister, Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, was the Guest Speaker at the official launch of the Recording Industry Association of Jamaica (RIAJAM) Reggae Academy and the Reggae Industry Awards. The event took place on April 23, 2007 at the Caribbean Business Club in Kingston.

Mr. Lloyd Stanbury, Chairman of the Reggae Academy, described the Reggae Academy and Awards as a Jamaica based project with global reach. "It is an international Reggae recording industry project that will recognise and celebrate the artistic achievements of talented musicians and singers. it will also recognize important, behind-the-scenes contributors such as producers, songwriters, engineers and music video directors.

For further details contact:-
Jana Bent
Communications Consultants Ltd.
Balmoral House,
2 Balmoral Avenue
Kingston 10
Ph:- 1-876-960-1123 / 926-5684 and

Did Beenie Man & DÁngel sign pre-nup?

BEENIE MAN & DÁNGEL The Hotttest Couple on the Jamaican Entertainment Scene.... Big Up unuhslef


Beenie Man & DÁngel make the news again... I saw this couple driving through HOT MONDAYS this morning and everyting seem quite fine like the real husband driving around his wife..... Lawd dem cant left the couple alone mek dem live dem life......... Yuh si when you are celebrities in this world of entertainment.... people will find everything fi chat bout yuh...

Yow Moses and Michelle live in love unuh mus cuss one and two time... cause if unuh jus live loving suh someting wrong..... keep the fyah buring Mr & Mrs Davis... dutty nigga too terrible.. Beenie Man yuh a star!!!!!

Look weh dem write bout dem again pan
The entertainment industry has been flooded with rumours of Jamaican dancehall artistes and lovebirds Beenie Man and D’Angel signing a pre-nuptial agreement. The couple could not be reached for comments but according to a source at Shocking Vibes, there was no secret pre-nup between Beenie Man and D’Angel as a number of blogs on the internet have been implying.“We would have known about that because we would have been the ones to have approached a lawyer to get that done, there was no pre-nup that we know of, and people should leave Beenie Man alone so that he can give his marriage a chance to really work,” a high-ranking member of the Shocking Vibes executive told

Some of these entertainment blogs have made statements that if Beenie Man was smart he would have her sign the agreement as to cover his assets from the former lover of his main rival Bounty Killer.Beenie and D’Angel got married in August last year after a whirlwind courtship that graced the front pages of all the major tabloids in Jamaica and a considerable number of overseas media.

Peabo Bryson & Jeffery Osbourne to perform on Mother's Day Concert in Jamaica


She's given you her all.... what's the least you could do?

"To Mom With Love" featuring the soulful stirrings of Peabo Bryson and the melodic musings of Jeffery Osbourne, on Sunday May 13 at Kings House, Kingston-Jamaica. Treat your Mom with love, in sophisticated splendour. Other acts on the bill namelyDwayne Stephson, Benji Myaz, and Kenesha Barnes. Gates open at 6pm Showtime 8 pm.

VIP - Presold $4000 Gate $4,500
General - Presold $2,000 Gate $2,500

Ticket Outlets:-
*Uppercut Barbers
*The Verandah
*Super Plus (Portmore)
*Taite RX (Maypen)
*Male Ego (South Dale Plaza)
*Hilton Hotel

Sponsors:- Pepsi, Singer, Anbell, Tru-Tone, CPJ, CVM TV, Jamaica Observer, Kool 97FM, Fame FM, Speed Couriers, Salt River Resort, SoSo Seafood, Hilton kingston, Power 106FM& Music 99FM

Let Peabo Bryson & Jeffery Osboure help you say thanks... "To Mom With Love"

Swatch International Fires Little Richie


Celphones where ringing like wow...... Hot Hot selector Little Richie of Swatch International Sound System ( The system that plays exclusively at Passa Passa)...FIRED!!!!

Bwoy I had to be at HOT MONDAYS (an open air free dancehall party in Kingston, Jamaica) to chat with Little Richie.. .. Well it hot on the streets that Little Richie has been booking personal dates and he is signed exclusively to Swatch International... so di bosss sey no way and give him im walking papers....
Little Richie said almost the same ting when mi ask im about the story weh mi did hear... so people big bad Little Richie is no longer a member of the Swatch Crew... It is confirmed.. nuh badda call anybody else about it

Little Richie yuh nuh know sey di boss was going to vex if im see yuh face alone too much pan fliers and Swatch not booked to play at the events..... is like a conflict of interest si mi... people yeah mi righht dooooooough.... Little Richie fair is fair.. buta suh life go...

So Little Richie yuh de pan yuh own now so is either yuh sink or swim..... The ball is in your court....... You are a baddd selector......wickedd wicked selector yah now.... I even hear a owner of a major cable station in a big yuh up seh nuh yuh chat as much and you keep the juggling of the tunes pan a high ENERGY......

Richie one door close another door open si mi... may di good Lord go wid yuh mi bredren........

Swatch International crew big up unuh self....... See you at PASSA PASSA this Wednesday.. I hear the DUTTY FRIDAZE crew coming to film it again... Scrapy & 2gran unuh have the placed locked.....
But I have one question..... all the hot selectors that leave their sound system...dem buss (have careers as a selector)....... So is Little Richie going to busssssssssssssssss?
Bless up

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Celebrities Rolled Out at DUTTY FRIDAZE


When I reach DUTTY FRIDAZE it was about 5:00 am this morning and the streets were blocked....I would not even find a place to park the Celebrity Vibes Mobile..... yes mi haffi tag everyting Celebrity Vibes..... mi hype eeeeeeeeh...

The vibes was so right of course mi haffi hail up who fi hail up but people ..people the celebs rolled out and mi get some photo moments see dem yah:-

Celebrities endorsed DUTTY FRIDAZE

Dr. Beenie Man endorsing DUTTY FRIDAZE

Munga Honourable & Tesah Linton, KC Jockey's Manager

Lutan Fyah and Stampede

CRAUCHIZZ Morning!!!!

Dancers Rolled Out With High Energy!!!!!

L-R :- Excellent Girls & Black Blingaz

L-R:- John Hype & Spikes

L-R :- Coolo Coolu, Latesha & Dahlia

L-R :- Dyma, Timeless Krew

L-R: Bone Crusher, Sadiki

L-R :Rohan Fashion, Ms Lithuania(suh mi call her) see travel far eeeh


WOW... WOW... I hope you like the pics I took.. I am no professional photographer but mi jus try a ting si mi...... Mi an mi bredren dem had a ball ..watching the dancers demontrating some new intercourse developments(yuh know wey mi mean right)... trust mi .. yuh miss it man...cho....
Thanks a million for your feedback.