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Monday, August 27, 2007

Master P and Lil Romeo links with T-Mobile

Master P & Romeo Team with T-Mobile to Promote New Sidekick LX.

The grassroots campaign is to show the world that the Sidekick is still the most popular and preferred smart phone in urban communities despite recent entries such as the Apple iPhone and Blackberry Curve.

“Everywhere I go I take my Sidekick with me: school, the movie set, out on the road,” said Romeo. “It allows me to run my business and keep in touch with my friends. Texting is still the leading way of communication for us youth. I need my Sidekick like I need my Rap Snacks! I gotta have ‘em!”

“The Sidekick is the most important device for running my ventures,” said Master P. “I can’t always talk on the phone, but I can shoot off a quick text to close the deal when I need to.”
The Miller Boyz are so crazy about their Sidekicks, they even created a song about the phone for their new album, Hip-Hop History, the first profanity-free street record available from Take A Stand Records, due out September 4, 2007. Look for the upcoming videos for “Sidekick” and “Let The Kids Grow” on BET, MTV, and online soon. Also, pick up Master P’s new book, Guaranteed Success.

The companies are promoting education, communication, and responsibility and their grassroots campaign will consist of a nationwide high school and college tour.

First Master P made it cool to be country, now he and Romeo have made it cool to create positive rap music. T-Mobile and the Miller Boyz are making Hip-hop history.
Lyrics from the Miller Boyz song, “Sidekick”:
Hip-hop history is why the boy changed
Take A Stand Records coming hard in the game
The black Donald Trump, man you know I does it big , Can’t stay out the hood cause you know I love the kids, Hit me on my Sidekick...

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