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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

UPDATE: Alleged Girl In R. Kelly Sex Tape To Testify In Singer's Defense

According to a Chicago Sun-Times report, the alleged girl in the R. Kelly sex tape will testify in the singer's defense at trial.

The woman, whose father played bass for R. Kelly and is referred to as Kelly's "goddaughter" in the liner notes to his "" album turns 23 this September. She is set to take the stand and say that she is not the girl in the video. Prosecutors are expected to counter these claims by bringing forth the girl's relatives and friends to testify that she is the girl in the video and that it was made when she was 14.

The girl's identity has previously been confirmed by Sparkle, a former protégé of R. Kelly and the girl's aunt.

At a previous court hearing in the summer of 2005, the girl's former best friend testified it was her friend in the video. Though she did not mention it on the stand, court papers indicate the friend said she and the other girl hung out with Kelly starting in the summer after sixth grade.

The trial is expected to begin September 17


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