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Monday, May 21, 2007

Akon's Accuser Exposed


People Jah Know star..... yuh si how some gal pickney wicked wah fi get mi big big big superstar AKON....... Di lckle gal nuh expose har age sey shi a 19...... mi read dis yah pan partyxtraz.... yes mi fass but mi know sey unuh love di vibes.

Danah Alleyne, revealed some interesting things on her myspage page. Pictures of Danah posing very provocatively and a big age change, Danah says she is 19!!!! You may remember the incident and video of Akon in Trinidad dancing with the 14 year old Click here to refresh your memoryHere is a paragraphs from Danah (the pastor's daughter's) Myspace Page:

"hmm well my name is danah, i am really outgoing, wild,and luvvvv to have fun, luvv to be around frendz and hang out and off course PARTYYY!! I am a professional slacker! I am down to earth.. doh take no shit from anyone type of girl however most people who don't give me a chance will plainly say "I'm a BITCH" oh well... ima bitch, ive got class, mess wid me and i'll kick ur ass!! neways u'll jus have to get to knw me if u wanna knw nemore!! well im out peacee :P"

May di God Lord help har...... yow star mi vex...

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