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Monday, May 21, 2007

Foxy Brown - Allegation of Reckless Driving


Yow people mi have talk di tings dem.... mi fine dis yah pan Foxy Brown a get charge for drunk driving..... lose har license....

According to our Sources, Foxy Brown AKA The Ill NaNa was driving on a suspended license, in Brooklyn, when she almost hit a young woman pushing a stroller. The New York Daily News first reported that according to the mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, she was in the crosswalk with her stroller in front of her when the rapper sped past her in a silver Range Rover. The mother barely had time to pull the baby out of harm's way before exchanging some heated words with the sassy Foxy. "She cursed at me and proceeded to drive down Prospect Place."The unnamed mother attempted to file a police report but the police advised her that they could not assist her because neither her nor her baby were actually hit.

The police department further could not respond to the alleged reckless driving charges even though DMV confirmed the Brown's driver's license has been revoked for failing to respond to summonses. Brown also has a history of driving without a license. This was evident in her citation back in 2000 when she crashed her Range Rover off Flatbush Avenue. Range Rover...Brooklyn...hmm!Since the victim had no recourse, she gave the New York Daily News an exclusive.


Anonymous said...

Mi love di vibes... dis yah news hot like fire

shara said...

mi love di vibes