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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fans Longing for Curefest

Big Up Jah Cure!!!!!!!!


People si mi tell yuh seh Jah cure a come run tings a Jamaica when im come out..... Im ago come change the pace of things for a while in the music business and it is gonna be hard for some of thses artiste to keep in the race...... di concert dem wid Jah Cure is gonna be huge... God ordained this memba mi ell yuh dis.... Si nuh care dem try keep down good music all innna prison it haffi leak out..... nuh play wid fi mi Jah..... Jah Rastafariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... yeah mi have rasta beliefs to .... an so soooooooo.....

I read this one876entertainment.....

Danger Promotions reports that Jah Cure fans have been leaving countless messages on the Curefest hotline: 1-888-Jah-Cure. While the support is not a surprise to the promoters, they were not expecting the overwhelming amount of calls in such a short span of time."There is a crazy amount of calls coming in daily. The hotline was established to give information about Curefest but fans have been leaving personal messages for Jah Cure. There is a lot of love out there for his music." Stated Della of Danger Promotions.

Danger Promotions asks that fans who leave messages on the 1-888-Jah-Cure line to be sure to leave their contact information to be able to receive Curefest and Jah Cure information.

On hearing about the messages left for him, Jah Cure expressed how grateful he was for the support. "I can feel the energy of my supporters from behind these walls. I feel great knowing that I have a positive message that people want to hear. I'm glad that something positive can come out of this negative situation. I am very grateful, and give thanks."Curefest marks Jah Cure's first performance in 8 years and is set for August 24-26, 2007 on the North Coast of Jamaica. Danger Promotions, Iyah Cure Promotions and Brass Gate Promotions have teamed up to present this 3-day event focusing on the work and music of Jah Cure.

Yow mi seh yuh cant hold own great music.....


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