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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

VOICEMAIL Gone alead......

Gwann mi youts unuh buss yah.. unuh a represent big time..

Source: Headline Entertainment


It is hard to go to any local stage show and not be graced with the unique sound, 'Hey' which alerts you that "You've got mail; Voice Mail". The dancehall trio has been making waves in the Jamaican music industry for quite sometime. However, it was when they flipped it a little and piggybacked on the vibrant dancing culture that leading Dancehall artist, Elephant Man revived, that they made a lasting impression in the music minds of the populace.

The group comprises of three very talented and hardworking young gentlemen and their dynamic personalities add to the synergy of the group. Kevin, a former model is very low profile and comments that "I'm just a happy go lucky person… always ready for anything." Craig on the other hand, is a perfectionist when it comes to recording and is considered the most miserable member. Nevertheless, he is also the most fun-loving and comical. O'Neil, who is very business oriented, is considered the "unspoken boss."

Voice Mail has seen many hit songs. These include: Weddy Time, the successful collaboration with Gerald 'Bogle' Levy, Get On Up, Do What You Feel Like and the chart stopper tribute to Bogle Wacky Dip. Their recent hits include Gangsta Rock (Get Crazy), Dancefloor and Let's Dance.

The Reggae/ Dancehall 2005 Year in Review also deemed Voice Mail, Group of the Year. O'Neil commented on the group's success and expressed the group's desire to remain consistent.

Their debut album Hey was released in Japan on January 1, 2006 and was released every where else in the first week of February. The album has 17 tracks with seven new songs. They worked with producers such as Danny Champagne, Tony Kelly, Christopher Birch, Nigel Staff, The Ballaz, Michael Fletcher, Robert Livingston, Don Corleone, and Alrick and Boyd.

Currently, Voice Mail is the face of Cable and Wireless' mobile service, bMobile, and can be seen on several billboards islandwide as well as on TV. They can also be heard on the radio promoting the service.

They released their latest project on Tuesday, April 18, titled Let’s Go. This album was released in Japan by Pony Canon and has since sold over 40,000 copies. Dancehall hits such as Dancing Fever and Let’s Dance as well as sultry tunes such as I Need You and Memories By The Score.

So whether it is a community link up stage show, an internationally acclaimed event like Reggae Sumfest or just chilling at the popular night club, the Quad, listen out for the sound ‘hey' because Voice Mail will be there.

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