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Friday, May 25, 2007

Leave Jah Cure Alone!!!!!!!!!

Yow people yuh see how people tan bad an stay...... mi see inna certain newspaper and website sey how dem a tear down Jah Cure posta... listen me...... People I am your eyes......

A just one posta was vandalized.... like nuff odda posta wey odda promoters put up..... And dem a try mek it look like a direct hit at Jah Cure come on now.... People love Jah Cure nuh care weh im do bad in the past true/false.... Jah-mek-yah people him.. suh unuh bad try nutten si mi..

Let me tell yuh dis .. it was ordained by God that Jah Cure is setting an example for others to follow... mi nuh know him or anything like dat but that is my spiritual feeling.... .looooew di yout...... Read this

Cause I swear That I can be a better manYes I swear,
If only you could understand
The faith in me shall set me free reflection
The faith in me shall set me free reflection

Let me make this prediction ... you see that Jah Cure Concert weh dem a promote it is gonna be one of the biggest concerts staged in Jamaica...... dem haffi go turn back people..... People ago fly from far and near...... I hope to God dem choose di right venue like Stadium or Jamworld....

Yuh si we haffi turn a negative into a positive...Mi haffi sey big up to the government because they created this opportunity for an artiste to record while being locked down.....

I just hope to God Jah Cure behave himself when im come out and now seh life is better doing the right thing.....

Mi next prediction Jah Cure is gonna change the vibe of our music for a the line-up for STING year because you know sey a dem a set the trend fi the music scence.. big up Mr Laing & Heavy D... a pure one drop ago run di place...... We need a clean up inna di music.. yuh si what we fail to realise is that the world listen to roots reggae/one drop reggae instead of our paper music... once we decide to make that change .... big tings ago happen...

Yuh might be wondering why I keep bigging up Ron Muschett and Prince of Irie Fm is because they stick to their roots reggae/onedrop formula and si it a work...... Nuff artiste a buss outa dem hand let me list them Damion Marley - Welcome Jamrock, Buju Banton - Driver, Chezideck - Leave Di Trees, Dez-I Boyd - Shake Up Yuh Natty, Ray Darwin - People's Choice, Jah Cure - Reflection... jus a few mi can rememba.. Si mi right..

Look at Tarrus Riley se im big tune She Is Royal a run di place..... yuh memba mi did tell yuh dat si mi...... Ahh right memba Chuck Fenda & Cherine Coming Over Tonight.... a big tune dat.... Cuttty Corn Lucky Day......

Suh mi know sey Jah Cure ago be di big man fi Chrismus!!!!!!



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