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Monday, May 28, 2007

Downsound Records Bounces Back

Bwoy people mi did a medds bout Downsound Records dis mawning and mi haffi chat bout dem since Nanko cut left dem and the media house a give dem a flogging.. yuh know sometimes people have look pan di two side a story si mi... dis si wah mi a tink bout.....

Look like sey Joe of Downsound a bounce back wid im new artiste I-Maroon hot new single MI SALT......a lock the airwaves.... You cant keep Downsounds down fi long cause dem keep boucing back...Yuh see artiste development dem have it locked... but how??

But the question is why are all the artistes running away is that their rules are so strict that they have to leave or is it that they dont like longterm contracts and restrictions? A wonder if any of the artistes wey did run wey ago lap dem tail an come back fi get annah numba one again????.....

Anyways mi nuh inna di mix up ting... one thing everybody can say about Downsound Records dem nuh inna de long chatting.... dem put dem money weh dem mouth is...... Yuh haffi big up Joe Bogdanovich fi dat (someone baddi spell it fi mi)....... Joe a di man inna di blue shirt

Doundsound Records believe in producing good music... with sure number one hits..... So left dem now mek dem survive.... cho dem have dem bad ways but who doesn't...... Yuh haffi give Downsound credit a dem did produce di JahCure REFLECTIONS tune....... Big up Tyehimba!!!! A wah shi a do since shi left di Downsound camp... is she gonna come back???? Or is there another street person going to run tings????



Anonymous said...

Bwoy Jo the media a lick yuh hard.... not even money can save yuh yah now

Anonymous said...

Mi here sey Fantan Mojah ago sign back to Downsounds