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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chaka Demus & Pliers at it again with ‘Need Your Loving’

Chaka Demus and Pliers are at it again with the single‘Need Your Loving’. This sweet lovers’ lullaby leaves the listenertotally captivated as the words wash over them like asoothing balm. This one is unlike ‘Murder She Wrote’but has the same addictive vibes.

In this day and age when most of the songs leavewomen feeling battered from the onslaught of thelyrics, ‘Need Your Loving’ is the perfect remedy. The song is already blasting across the airwaves asthere has been good reception to the pre-releasedversion. The duo is now putting the finishing toucheson the video for the song.

Shot on location at Trafalgar Park and Airport Roadunder the direction of Leo, the plot is all about“everlasting love,” this according Chaka Demus. “It’s a wonderful video and the concept is good,”Pliers threw in as he talked about the upcoming videofor the song. That’s not the only thing the duo is up to, they arenow focusing on re-releasing their album titled ‘BackOff The Wall’. According to both artistes, they were unhappy withthe promotion surrounding the first release of thealbum, and added to that it was not released inJamaica or the Caribbean. The new album will be coming with tracks such as‘Bounce, ‘Man A Lion’ and the hot single that seemsset to create a lot of noise in the dancehall ‘NeedYour Loving’.

But then again, that’s nothing new for this dynamicduo as success is nothing new to them. Chaka Demus &Pliers enjoyed overwhelming success on the BritishCharts. Between June 1993 and January 1995, theynotched up a record five consecutive UK Top 20entries, including ‘Twist and Shout’, their number onehit with Jack Radics. The duo became household namesas a result; the combination of Pliers’ yearningvocals and Chaka Demus’ rockstone chat provingirresistible to their new found global audience, andearning them a gold disc for their debut album forIsland Jamaica, ‘Tease Me’. The jovial demeanour and strong moral character ofJohn Taylor aka Chaka Demus provides a welcomecontrast to the raga raga bad bwoy stereotype. Hederived his moniker from the late Jamaican MC,Nicodemus, and afterward honed his skills on smallerset such as Roots Majestic and Supreme and then KingJammy’s Champion Sound system, stationed in the nearbyghetto community of Waterhouse.

It was Jammy’s who produced his debut songs ‘IncreaseYour Knowledge’ and a 1995 hit, ‘One Scotch’, which heshared with fellow deejay, Admiral Bailey. The affableChaka rose quickly to prominence thereafter, recordinghits for Black Scorpio, Harry J. Skengdon, BobbyDigital and Penthouse before teaming up with Pliers in1991 after a chance encounter at a Miami stage show. Everton Bonner aka Pliers was raised in the Rock HallDistrict of St. Ann and was initially known as BluesMelody before being renamed Pliers because of hisresemblance to another DJ named Pinchers. His earlyhits included the very first version of ‘Murder SheWrote’ as voiced for Pioneer Musik in 1986. Althoughencouraged by Yellowman, he had already marked hisdebut with the stark reality song ‘Babylon A BrutalizeWe’, a good three years previously, with his fluentwarble weaving a pretty path between original songs and cover versions.

When the two came together, their first collaborationwas ‘Gal Wine’ which enjoyed chart success. ChakaDemus & Pliers have not looked back as they kept goingfrom strength to strength. The world-renowned duo wants the world to know thatthey are back, now under new management of ExplorerEntertainment, with a renewed spirit and drive toreclaim their fame. “We are back in the place to make fans feel niceagain,” they chorused

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