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Monday, May 21, 2007

Richie Spice Unable to perform in the USA.....Hush Richie Spice

Hi ,

People boy when man a plan God a wipe out.... Si how Richie Spice a plan fi do 3 show inna d US im cant go because di US Embassy have have hack log.... a wah dis fadda......Read dis yah press release.....

Due to a backlog of visa requests at the Jamaican US Consulate, Richie Spice will not be able to travel to the US to perform at 3 shows scheduled over the next 3 weeks. Fifth Element Records' applied for the permits in the time specified by the Jamaican US Consulate, however, the consulate informed the label that they would not be processing any visa applications until June when he will then be obtain all the required documents to perform in the US.Richie Spice will not be able to perform in the US until after June 10th and consequently Fifth Element Records' has had to postpone the 3 US show dates scheduled:May 26 - Martha's Vineyard, MA May 27 - Club Tobago, NY June 3 - Westchester Reggae Festival, NY"We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but ask that the present confirmed dates be postponed until a later date to accommodate these procedures." Devon Wheatley, CEO of Fifth Element Records stated.

"We cannot emphasize just how sorry we are for disappointing not only the faithful promoters of the shows within that time, but also the dedicated fans of Richie Spice."Richie Spice will try to take every opportunity to perform in the US in the future to make it up to his fans. Richie had planned to head to the US after his Europe tour which ends on Sunday, May 20.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this explains why there has been an issue getting Jah Mason to Australia through the US.

Shelly Belly said...

No necesarily.... he might have problem going to the USA but I guess a travel agent can route him else where