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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dez-I Boyd hits with SHAKE UP YUH NATTY


People you must be wondering why I am featuring andda new artiste.... The music needs new fresh vibes to clean up the airwaves.... Well Dez-i Boyd a really SHAKE UP IM NATTY and a mash up the place all over the world.... people when I first heard the song I knew it was hit trust mi....

When you listen to the song SHAKE UP YUH NATTY on you will agree with me......

Yow people a talk bout how di artiste really can perform..... yuh know when Jamaican people a chat about artiste Dezi Boyd a one a dem..... People yuh must be wondering why I chat bout Ron Muschette and Prince is is because they are one of the few radio jockeys can take up an unknown song and buss it and it becomes a mega hit..... This was what happen to SHAKE UP YUH NATTY... Ron Muschette & Prince unuh a di bosss....
Dis is annah Stampede endosement!!!!!!!!!

Blessed Love


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