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Saturday, May 26, 2007

DUTTY FRIDAZE promotes new Artistes

Well people you know I took break off the DUTTY FRIDAZE picture but lawdd... it selfff offf for the past two weeks... mi sey di selector CD Master buss the new DUTTY FRIDAZE anthem - DRUNKEN DANCE by Future Fambo... mi sey the place went wild......

All of the major songs a run di place an di new sounds on the reggae dancehall scene mi go hightlight dem fi yuh:

Munga Honorable... Bad From Mi Bwaaan.... yow pure anthem im a come wid... fi real

RDX - Dance Dance... yow dis a run di place right yah now...evry bus truck, car a play dah tun yah....

Cutty Corn - Lucky Day... new onedrop song hot like fiyah.... pure request fi ada tune yah

Maurice - Annda Hot Wuk ... new hot gal tune... dis yah hot

Future Fambo - Drunken Dance... yow di people get mad and dun di place

KC Jockey - Party Spirit... nice dance tune di girls love dance Movements

Taurus Riley - She Is Royal, Beware, Stay With You... all dem three song a run di dance.... mek too call and si whe mi a talk bout....

Big up selector CD Master yuh really a buss the new artistes dem and create new vibe innna di dance... mi sey every song CD Master play a pure forward im play ....all how im intro di tune dem...wahhhhh it lock di city... im a di selector ago run di place fi Chrimusss.. memba mi did tell yuh.....

Mi know sey unnuh a go support dem fi di chrismusss....... Bwoy we need a new sound

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