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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gay bashing reggae performers promise to stop the hate

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The Reggae Compassionate Act

Hi People,

I got this link from some people in Europe about a document that every artiste is required to sign before they are permitted to perform in Europe.

Guess which artiste have signed this document?????

Three of the world's top reggae and dancehall singers have renounced homophobia and condemned violence against lesbians and gay men.

Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton had previously released anti-gay hate songs, including incitements to murder lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

They have now signed up to the Reggae Compassionate Act in a deal brokered with top reggae promoters and Stop Murder Music activists.

The Act reads:

"It must be clear there's no space in the music community for hatred and prejudice, including no place for racism, violence, sexism or homophobia.

"We do not encourage nor minister to HATE but rather uphold a philosophy of LOVE, RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING towards all human beings as the cornerstone of reggae.

"We agree to not make statements or perform songs that incite hatred or violence against anyone from any community.

"The agreement follows the three-year-long Stop Murder Music campaign, which resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of the singers' concerts and sponsorship deals, causing them income losses estimated in excess of five million dollars.

"The Reggae Compassionate Act is a big breakthrough," said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who is coordinator of the worldwide Stop Murder Music campaign. He helped negotiate the deal with the three singers.

"The singers' rejection of homophobia and sexism is an important milestone. We rejoice at their new commitment to music without prejudice," said Mr Tatchell."This deal will have a huge, positive impact in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The media coverage will generate public awareness and debate, breaking down ignorance and undermining homophobia."Having these major reggae stars renounce homophobia will influence their fans and the wider public to rethink bigoted attitudes. The beneficial effect on young black straight men will be immense," he said.

Mr Tatchell said that the campaign against the three artists will now be suspended, but he urged journalists and others worldwide to monitor the performances and statements of Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton.

The fight against other homophobic performers continues:

"The other five murder music artists - Elephant Man, TOK, Bounty Killa, Vybz Kartel and Buju Banton - have not signed the Reggae Compassionate Act.

"The campaign against them continues. These singers have incited the murder of lesbians and gays. They should not be rewarded with concerts or sponsorship deals."

The Stop Murder Music campaign urges organisations worldwide tointensify the campaign to cancel these five singers' concerts andtheir record, sponsorship and advertising deals," said Mr Tatchell.

His views are echoed by Gareth Wiliams, co-chair of the Jamaican gayhuman rights group, J-Flag:"

This statement against homophobia and violence is a move in the right direction," he said."

We hope it is not commercially motivated by the singers' desire to maintain their concert revenues, but a sincere commitment that will encourage an end to homophobic violence and to all violence against everyone.

"The five artists who have not signed the statement should now follow this lead and declare their support for universal human rights, including the human rights of lesbian and gay people," said Mr Williams.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, I still say fire bu'n the act of homosexuality and all them and those who participate in it!

I embrace the right to freedom of expression and if freedom means anything then I should be free to say how I feel towards something, anything that contravenes my personal way of life.

What people do in their own private space is up to them but for me homosexuality has no place in life.


Who don't like it can go jump off a cliff or go play with a bus wheel.