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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Voice Mail tops Digicel People's Choice Style Award

Big up Voicemail.... unnuh work hard.... nuff respect!!!!! PROUD OF YOU!!!!

Yow People,

Mi really happy fi di group Voicemail... people mi know weh dem a come from and how dem start..... trust mi all mi can sey mi proud a dem...dem win big award....BIG UP... Mi seh mi did deh a Bounty Killa's Event last Saturday - Its A Party' an mi hear dem people shout out mi name when mi look a Voicemail call mi an tell mi sey dem win di big award.. mi haffi hug dem up adn kiss dem .. pan dem jaw!!!..... Trust mi dem acome fram far..... eeheeeeeeeee

Read dis yah:-
Top dancehall male group Voice Mail added another trophy to their growing list of accolades. The group came out the big winner at the Jamaica Observer Fashion and Style Awards, which was recently held at the Terra Nova Hotel.

Voice Mail won the Digicel People's Choice Award for their astute knack for style and dressing.

Commenting on their triumph, group member O'neil Edwards said 'Its an awesome feeling that we were voted by the public for this award. It feels good knowing that the Jamaican public has been watching us and taking note of how we dress and carry ourselves. We always try to ensure that we step out clean and wear the best threads when we go out. Its not only about the songs we sing but the appearance is also very important'.

The members of the group have promised to stay consistent with their dressing as well as with the music that they produce.

Voice Mail's latest album Let's Go, which was released on April 18 by Japan's Pony Cannon Records, has been a strong seller since it was released by Music Mart. The album has to date sold over 50,000 copies in Japan.

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