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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daddy Turbo & Mystri Radio linkup

Mystri & Daddy Link up...... yow Jamaica music scene a buss bigger...


People well mi jus join forces wid anada radio station in the UK now mi and Daddy Turbo ago chat bout wat a gwan inna di Jamaican music business every Thursday live on at 7 - 9 pm Jamaica time .... dont be confused I also link up with Chris Goldfinger and talk about the real Jamaican Top Ten (10) Reggae /Dancehall charts... so it is a different kinda vibes.....on Saturdays on BBC Radio 1 at 6-8pm Jamaica time..... si mi

So mi feel good that another radio station link up with me .... Mystri & Stampede...wicked kinda vibes.....

Biggggggggg up Chris Goldfinger, Daddy Turbo and Stampede.....

Yah di vibes a grow si mi



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