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Friday, June 8, 2007

Sound Selector chased from home

Yow Jamaican People Serious... si mi


People the Jamaica Star Newspaper sell like hot bread yesterday bout the sound system selector weh run wey....... yow it stick pan im...... Mi nuh know if he got sticky or people ago beat wid some stick or something...... it sad star........ yuh know seh mi know a who dem a chat bout but mi just a report di story suh mi nah call nuh name ... u haffi go call smaddi fi dat....

But mi sistren watch di video an tell mi sey it nuh pretty star... dem mad dem mek di female dancer look like dem nah try.... yow di man dem a jump and split... ooooch.... and dem nuh have sex change..... suh konw yuh seh dem ting might mash up..... mi nah trouble dem but dem fi gwaan betta dan dat... dem all climb pan di speak a box....... Mi nuh business wid people they choose to do what they feel like..... What hurts mi the most is that some selectors if not all bun out di gays ... den you hear seh one of the most popular selectors a play a gay dance... Yuh si it turn right round....... So leave dem alone..... if yuh nuh like dem ... nuh even chat about dem ...dont even entertain dem in your thoughts but everyday dema chat bout dem.... you only a promote their life style.... dem nuh smart... but everybody makes their own decisons.

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A popular selector, whom it is rumoured played the music on a gay tape that is circulating islandwide, has fled his community in what is thought to be an effort to distance himself from the allegations.

The selector, who hails from an eastern Kingston community, reportedly fled after residents said they discovered that he was on the tape. Now the once-popular selector's name is a like a curse word, not to be uttered in the community. "Wipe off yuh mouth," one resident said when theSTAR team asked about the selector recently.

Other residents reacted similarly, stating that his name should not be called in the area. "Dem man deh name nuh call roun' ere. Mek mi tell yuh straight him a byman," one resident told THE STAR.

The voice of the selector in question is said to be featured on the tape being circulated. The tape is of a party where several cross-dressing men are dancing to popular tunes being played. At intervals a selector is heard saying "turn me on" and "walk out my girl", among other things.
Voice ID.

The residents say that after some residents saw the tape and believed that it was his voice, the selector left the area. They added that someone even used technology to zoom in on aspects of the tape to prove that it was the selector. "A him deh pan di tape. Man all computer it and see tings weh prove seh a him. Him voice and di tings him say, tings weh only him woulda say," he said.

Residents say that the selector gave no explanation for the allegations as he just left before they could confront him. "Him nuh seh nutten, him just left one day. Wi just nuh see him again."
In addition, residents say they do not want him to come back, noting that his presence on the tape proves that he is really gay.

The selector's sudden disappearance has set off several rumours, including one that he was told by his baby mother not to come back to the community two weeks ago. However, residents in the community said they knew of no baby mother.

Another vicious rumour which THE STAR has been unable to prove is that he is dead. Another selector, who provided a contact number for the accused man, said it is now being circulated that he was killed. The selector, however, could not say if the so-called murder occurred because the man was suspected to be gay.

In the meantime, efforts to find the selector were unsuccessful, as several persons said they were unaware of his whereabouts, and calls to his cellphone number resulted in busy tones.

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