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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Digicel People's Choice Awards Sell Off


People mi a listen to di radio dis morning when mi hear Ron Muschette a talk bout the Digicel People's Awards..... yow people mi seh when mi hear di line-up it wicked...... So yuh know seh people ago dun dem credit pan voting fi dem favorite personality..... Di person a Digicel who conceptualize dis yah one yah mus get a bonus at the end of di year..... Mi seh di race stiff .. but di joke is Asafa inna di race a weh di rest a dem ago do......

Macka Diamond...... yuh haffi stop sing mone0000 and sey Voteooooooooo

Ron Muchette.... all adi animals dem a di station haffi go vote fi yuh.. Jah Roose affi stop crow Jahrastafari..... an start crow VotefiRoni... Prince and Sammy pay check a go spen a vote fi yuh... Di Wake Up Call team a wining mek si if dis a go true.....

Mutabruka... yuh haffi stop seh dis is the Cutting Edge and seh dis is the Voting Edge

Asfa Powell.. yuh haffi stop run down the stop clock .. and run doen di people dem fi vote fi yuh

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