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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Alliance vs Portmore Empire

Wah Gwan Inna De Business...... Dem need Fi Stop It!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People what is wrong with these young artistes inna di business... dem a lose dem mind and creating puring negative energy inna di business yuh seeh di government needs to a disciplinary body to govern these artistes and when they behave like this they are banned from recording and performance...... I was on one876entertainment and read this foolishness.

The dancehall world is buzzing over word that a physical altercation between Craig Dennis, an honorary member of the Portmore Empire and Einstein, the newest member of the Alliance.

Craig Dennis used a microphone to hit Einstein across his forehead. Einstein was forced to take evasive action as a number of men began to stab at him. After escaping, he drove himself to the Kingston Public Hospital but luckily, he received only minor injuries.

“Is a little hype dem want him get, dem know say mi say Alliance, but mi no just say Alliance, dem say Stein too, but even though mi endorse Alliance, mi nah go see Vybz Kartel and gwaan like me waan screw, me ah go be real, because we was friends before the commotion. So mi hear that Craig Dennis keeping a party so mi say, yea mi singer and go fi endorse it,” he told

“When mi reach, me see Vibes and Dennis ah work, so mi deejay ‘Double Six’ and give back the mike to Kartel and dem put on the Portmore Empire riddim, and then mi deh deh a the right side of the stage and ah try get back the mike when one of the yute dem who spar wid Kartel come over and say, ‘ah bwoy, no Alliance yuh say’ and mi say ‘tek weh yuself’ and him say, ‘hey bwoy yuh wi dead’, and dem me and dem innah some tusslings,”

“Then mi say yo Addi, talk to de man dem, and Kartel turn him back to me, so me go to Craig Dennis and say talk to yu friend dem, and him say, ‘Stein a weh yu a do, try mash up mi ting’’. Then him ease back and lick me wid the mike inna mi face, right inna mi forehead, then mi see 30 man run down pon me and ah cut and stab, mi all see man wid strappings so me tek weh myself and drive go hospital, if yu eva see how the man dem cut and stab up mi shirt,” he continued.

Mi go de wid love inna mi heart, mi neva go de wid mi thugs, is me and a girl go the party. If me a preach violence as dem say, why me go there wid just a girl. Mi trust them and respect them and yet dem woulda kill me. Ah some fans start scream, a probably that save me, but Craig Dennis, is a hype ting him de pon because him inna Portmore Empire, him mek Kartel boost him up like Supligen, Craig Dennis woulda never stand up alone and try that, him woulda get beat down. But me nah retaliate, mi just a easy, and visit the doctor because mi forehead swell up,” Einstein said.

“Craig just a try be a gangster too like Kartel.”

For his part, singer Craig Dennis admitted that he and Einstein had had an altercation because Einstein had come with the clear intention to sabotage his dance.

“Mi neva invite him ah mi party, and him come mash it up. Mi hear him a talk ‘bout how him face no de pon the poster and dem tings de and mi neva invite him. Mi go to the man five times and ask him fi just easy and chill, and him pull knife pan the man dem. Me and him no inna do dealing, and him come and mash up my ting, him fi know say all man from Matches Lane ah pree him right now. Mi go to the man and him still a gwaan like a eediat, so me have to move to him,” Craig Dennis told


Shelly Ann said...

Yeah dem needd fi stop dis yah foolishness.... dem too hype

Ringo said...

Einstien im too hype.... weh im a go the party fah and draw knife fah

Rebel Ranks said...

Why the artiste dem stop fight.. .dem a get crazy