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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegas hires new manager - Earlton Clarke


People mi did haffi copy dah story yah from one876entertainment..... mi did hear longtime but mi nuh inna di mix up ting.. anyways sometimes we haffi move on to grow..... si mi...

Earlton Clarke has finally confirmed that he will be Vegas’ new manager, ending weeks of speculation that the Tek Weh Yuself singer would be dropping long-time manager Byron Murray, who is also head of In the Streets distribution.

“It is now official, Vegas is now under my management,” Clarke told over the weekend.

Questioned about his plans for Vegas, Clarke responded:“Just sit back, and look and see what I am going to do, right now, me ah one of the most hush-hush manager innah the business, but me ah go mek mi work talk for itself; the world knows what I can do.”

Clarke had successfully managed the careers of Spice, Mr. Lexx and WARD 21 during his time in the business but had taken a hiatus to pursue other interests recently.

Big up yuhslef Earlton yuh buss again!!!!!


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