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Sunday, June 17, 2007

DUTTY FRIDAZE- Aniversary Gone Wild


People I saw got invited to atttend DUTTY FRIDAZE Anniversary on Friday June 22...... People going to block the streets... This is event is hosted by Mr. Warlord Bounty Killa.....

Let me explain DUTTY FRIDAZE to you.. it a street party in Fletcher's land Kingston Jamaica where the party starts at 3 am and ends at approx. 8 am int he morning. The attration at DUTTY FRIDAZE is the climbing of the dancers in an ackee, buildings you name...anywhere they can climb on addition to that the peak of the event is a section called CRAUCHIZZ MORNING a segment at 7:00 am for girls and male dancers doing sexual eduational postions that some old foggies can learn from.......The Sound System Selctors Gary Chucks, CD Master, Crazy Chris..... they give the partipants me it is amazing......

The DUTTY FRIDAZE have DVD 's selling on / trust it is worth purchasing....

People take a look at 50 mild pictures of DUTTY FRIDAZE

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1 comment:

Danna F Vacianna said...

hey yo is fltchers land me come from dun know dutty fridays a place to be every friday me house de right infront a every ting so it easy fi me to go keep making di dance hype and mi will always invite me frens