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Sunday, April 29, 2007

PASSA PASSA Hot Again!!!!!

PASSA PASSA... locks the streets

I went to Passa Passa on Wednesday... it was real hot and the dancers and celebs rolled out in fine style... There is something that is unique about Passa Passa

The Celebs heat up PASSA PASSA

My hottest pic is of the Mr & Mrs Davis they look like they were really in love dancing together... yeah dem hattttt si why people nuff fi business wid people marriage life.... Beenie Man yuh a star mi bwoy... bless up on yuh new hit 'Back It Up'.... Mi hear im just do a music video for the single.. .De Doctor lock the place againnnnn..... Be fair don't dem look good....

Stampede & Maurice a
pass through PASSA PASSA

KC Jockey's manager, Tesah Linton...
looks hot in her Scottish hattt......

Sherlock Crew
yuh ....
have the
worl lock

PASSA PASSA main celebriity Madussa dun di place...... Madussa a di bosss..

The Dancers heat up the street

Ding Dong Have the place locked with his new image..
Big up Ding.. yuh a hard working yout

John Hype mi nuh know...
Yuh dance sellll offf..
Yuh get Artiste of the Week on

Craigy Dred.. yuh have the place
locked mi yout.. pure flyout ting wid
Voicemail.... Yuh hattttt!!!!

This history.....
These all the female dancers
locking all the street dance dem:-
Madussa Daughter,
Swizzle Body Girls, Mumzel,
Mad Michelle, Dahlia and
Latesha.. Demmm hatttt

Bwoy...dis yah wheel chair dancer locks every dance wid the girls.. trust mi on dis one.. if yuh watch the PASSA PASSA & DUTTY FRIDAZE Dvd's you will see him... dont under estimate .... fi real star


PASSA PASSA Signature Sound System Swatch International

Jazzy J, Genious, Wessy Wessy..... yuh nuh jus know how to keep the people dancing from 4 am - 8 am.. yeah... Bwoy the rest a di crew deh a Japan - Maestro, Randy Rich, Nico.. big up unuh self.. si mi
People.. I had fun watch the people dancing in the street.... Yuh needed to be there.. trust mi.....

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