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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Celebrities Rolled Out at DUTTY FRIDAZE


When I reach DUTTY FRIDAZE it was about 5:00 am this morning and the streets were blocked....I would not even find a place to park the Celebrity Vibes Mobile..... yes mi haffi tag everyting Celebrity Vibes..... mi hype eeeeeeeeh...

The vibes was so right of course mi haffi hail up who fi hail up but people ..people the celebs rolled out and mi get some photo moments see dem yah:-

Celebrities endorsed DUTTY FRIDAZE

Dr. Beenie Man endorsing DUTTY FRIDAZE

Munga Honourable & Tesah Linton, KC Jockey's Manager

Lutan Fyah and Stampede

CRAUCHIZZ Morning!!!!

Dancers Rolled Out With High Energy!!!!!

L-R :- Excellent Girls & Black Blingaz

L-R:- John Hype & Spikes

L-R :- Coolo Coolu, Latesha & Dahlia

L-R :- Dyma, Timeless Krew

L-R: Bone Crusher, Sadiki

L-R :Rohan Fashion, Ms Lithuania(suh mi call her) see travel far eeeh


WOW... WOW... I hope you like the pics I took.. I am no professional photographer but mi jus try a ting si mi...... Mi an mi bredren dem had a ball ..watching the dancers demontrating some new intercourse developments(yuh know wey mi mean right)... trust mi .. yuh miss it man...cho....
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