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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Did Beenie Man & DÁngel sign pre-nup?

BEENIE MAN & DÁNGEL The Hotttest Couple on the Jamaican Entertainment Scene.... Big Up unuhslef


Beenie Man & DÁngel make the news again... I saw this couple driving through HOT MONDAYS this morning and everyting seem quite fine like the real husband driving around his wife..... Lawd dem cant left the couple alone mek dem live dem life......... Yuh si when you are celebrities in this world of entertainment.... people will find everything fi chat bout yuh...

Yow Moses and Michelle live in love unuh mus cuss one and two time... cause if unuh jus live loving suh someting wrong..... keep the fyah buring Mr & Mrs Davis... dutty nigga too terrible.. Beenie Man yuh a star!!!!!

Look weh dem write bout dem again pan
The entertainment industry has been flooded with rumours of Jamaican dancehall artistes and lovebirds Beenie Man and D’Angel signing a pre-nuptial agreement. The couple could not be reached for comments but according to a source at Shocking Vibes, there was no secret pre-nup between Beenie Man and D’Angel as a number of blogs on the internet have been implying.“We would have known about that because we would have been the ones to have approached a lawyer to get that done, there was no pre-nup that we know of, and people should leave Beenie Man alone so that he can give his marriage a chance to really work,” a high-ranking member of the Shocking Vibes executive told

Some of these entertainment blogs have made statements that if Beenie Man was smart he would have her sign the agreement as to cover his assets from the former lover of his main rival Bounty Killer.Beenie and D’Angel got married in August last year after a whirlwind courtship that graced the front pages of all the major tabloids in Jamaica and a considerable number of overseas media.

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