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Friday, April 27, 2007

Boggie Man Barry G gets a stroke


Bwoy I was reading the Jamaican star yesterday and I saw that one of Jamaica's top radio Jockey has gotten a stroke...... the Boggie Man Barry G... trust me mi feel it star...... Bowy Ron Muschette , Irie FM yuh bredren sick star and both of yuh sound alike..... I hope Ron & Prince speaks about this on the Wake Up Call....... People mi acry inside star......ah mi bredren....

Here is the link to the Jamaican Star :

Barry G's stroke of luck

Contrary to rumours that he is infected with HIV, radio entrepreneur Barrington 'Barry G' Gordon is now recovering from a severe stroke he recently suffered.
Barry G, 50, has been involved in media since the 1970s, having worked at JBC (now RJR). The former disc jock was hospitalised in Florida about two weeks ago after he suffered a stroke while on a flight from Montego Bay to Florida.
With a stutter in his voice Barry G told the STAR, "I was airborne when I wanted to use the restroom, I felt like I was stumbling - my wife had to assist me." He had to be wheelchaired off the plane and immediately taken to a hospital.
Since the stroke, he has been experiencing speech difficulties and constant hiccups. he has also been unable to walk upright.
Happy to be alive
However, he says is happy to be alive. "The doctors have told me how lucky I've been. Many people haven't survived it or they have serious deformities, brain damage, the most severe consequence having been a lasting coma," he said.
While the doctors have not been able to pinpoint the source of the stroke, they have the ex-DJ on medication, a strict diet and constant exercise.
This has set back his plans to make a comeback to radio, but Barry G says he is still optimistic.
"My major concern is not the stroke but the hiccup. My hiccup has been holding me off and I'm not as fluent as I should be," he said.
He is grateful for the warm response from his family, friends and fans, and is hoping for a quick recovery.
However, in the midst of his illness, Barry G was disheartened to hear rumours from back home about his hospitalisation.
"My associates in Jamaica tell me all sorts of rumours have been going around," he said. He elaborated that the rumours have said he has HIV, which is far from the truth. His family has not been talking about the incident to the public, but he says having a stroke is nothing to be embarrassed about.
He says that upon his return to Jamaica, he hopes to help others who have experienced this illness.
"We really have serious problems in Jamaica. If I survive I'd love to help people to get machines to do instant tests, which is completely lacking in Jamaica. While I have survived, many people in Jamaica have not. I would like to dedicate my life to helping people, to get the opportunity for higher assistance, " he said.

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DIDIT said...

To the BOGGIE MAN,JAH'S richest blessing. Our hearts go out to you, and yur family in your time of sickness.Only the crator can help us in times like these. Things do happen for reasons unknown,but the benefit is the information gained. I do hope your sorrow will serve as a springboard for helping others. Keep the faith bredren we are all making intersession on your behalf. JAH BLESS.