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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Chris Goldfinger , Mystri & Stampede burns up the BBC UK Radio 1 airwaves

Jamaica We Gone Alead AGAIN

Mi seh .... get hype.... trust mi when Chris Goldfinger from BBC Radio 1 call me and Stampede pan Saturday fi chat boout the charts and the happenings.... pure vibes pan di radio.... Yeah Stampede Yuh large an incharge.. nuff respect mi yout

A mee dis Mystri... mi did haffi change di picha mi di look too much like ole woman... suh mi have on mi sailor cap .. mi captain the celebrity vibes ship si mi..... All media house jump abord we ready fi spread di music and di Jamaica vibes worldwide....

Chris Golfinger you have it lock mi DONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mi seh guess who was in studio with big artiste Erup , Richardo 'Bibi' Gardener and Pepe Goodison di big footballer dem..... Chris all linked up with Beenieman on mi..
Listen to the show it is hot

Unuh need fi buy di Jamaican Weekend Star... it have eeen the Stampede Street Vibes Charts... Yeah man di real ting si mi....

Wow it was great doing that link up.... mi cant wait fir Satidah come fi chat wid Chris trus mi.....

Yeah mi hype... an soooooo.. helloa yah.. yagga yow...

God a bless mi....Thanks people for the support and a buss out Celebrity Vibes and Stampede Street Vibes Charts.... a suh wi fi continue link up...... Yeah man link mi.. mi ready fi di video light now... yeahhhh.. hellooo sah ( trying to sound like Bounty Killa)


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