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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Red Rat BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUSH Red Rat... Neva Mine Yah mi fren
Lawd have mercy...... The Broadcasting Commision of Jamaica is instilling its rules and regulations..... dem a gwann wicked see yah now dem ban Red Rad Song because of its lyrical contect by using the word GLAMITY.....

THIS IS WHAT has to say about this

Red Rat banned? Dancehall fans have been stunned by the latest move by the Broadcasting Commission to ban Red Rat's popular It Good song because of the use of the word 'glamity' in one of the verses.

"I just got word that it was banned from Hitz and FAME because they said that I used the word 'glamity'. I can't believe it all now, they ban my song because of that word and yet you have man ah kill people inna song, mi nah call no name, and yet he is not banned," an incensed Red Rat told

"I won't accept it, my management is writing a letter to the Broadcasting Commission right now, I don't understand this at all, 'glamity' is not even in the dictionary, it is not a swear word, it is a Jamaican slang term, and my song is not even derogatory, it is bigging up the girls dem," Red Rat, who buried his father a few weeks ago, said.

Red Rat is known for the dancehall girls, Shelly Ann and Charlene Have Pretty Car Eye.

Blessed Love

1 comment:

danielle said...

Forgive me .. but what the hell does 'glamity' mean???