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Monday, July 23, 2007

CHOW DOWN: KC Jockey to appear in BET's new mini-series "Where My Ladies At"

"Brooklyn Gone Hollywood"....... Stilletos Off to you KC Jockey!

KC Jockey makes a rare debut appearance on the Red Carpet on South Beach....mingling with industry heavy hitters - Scott Storch, Fat Joe, Robin Thicke, Big D, and the NuJersey Devil were all out in full force!

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The rebirth of slick was dubbed in the hip hop world to the Digable Planets. Its a new order and a new regime for KC Jockey, I call this the "Rebirth of Swag". Apparently this artist has a strong management team behind him - CEO of his own indie label 'Sweet Sadies Productions'. If I did not know any better his management is molding him into the next Benzino, P. Diddy or even Jay Z - now thats what I call Rebirth of Swag. The streets have been buzzing for the past months with the highly anticipated comeback of KC Jockey who left us wanting more after Diggy Diggy, Tic Toc and Look Good Machine. He has not been sleeping on us afterall he has been hard at work in the studios and not just the studio with mixing boards, sound pads and microphones but the ones with directors and film sets. I am talking about the studios, film houses and acting rolls.

KC Jockey used his natural swagger to appear in the upcoming mini-series 'Where My Ladies At' on Black Entertainment Networks (BET) launching August 1, 2007. The mini-series is an interactive documentary that follows the lives of a struggling rapper, a former porn star and a well known video girl on their struggle for fame in real time over a period of 30 days. This is not an ordinary domentary or reality show the viewing audience can write in with their comments and the characters in the mini-series actually write back. What is KC Jockey's roll in all of this? He does what comes natural, he plays himself in an audition for a music video. If you ask me, this roll is a perfect fit.

KC Jockey is determined to be a household name following in the footsteps of fellow artists, Wil Smith, Mos Def, Tyrese and T.I. who pursued their musical careers and intergrated their showmanship into acting on the big screen, the world is yours KC Jockey, stilletos off to you!

Lexi Chow


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