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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CHOW DOWN: Attempted Murder? Rapper Remy Ma Alleged in Shooting of Childhood Friend

Lexi Chow's : CHOW DOWN... Hip Hop Celebrityvibes flava

Wow, talk about the true ladies of hip hop under the gun and no pun intended! On July 15, 2007, Rapper Remy Ma from the Boogie Down Bronx surrendered and turned herself in for allegations of attempted murder, assault and various weapons charges of her long time childhood friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph who was shot twice in the torso. The two had a dispute over $2,000 that was found missing from Remy's purse sources say that Ms. Barnes-Joseph had asked Remy to borrow $2,000 in which Remy may have or may have not wanted to lend her. Apparently, towards the end of the night Remy was $2,000 short.

That is just about too suspect if you ask me. Remy tried to give her friend the benefit of the doubt, but could not because her friend had stolen from her in the past and Remy forgave her. I am sure words were exchanged at the heat of the moment from both parties. Sources say that Remy does not [allegedly] own a gun and no one knows where the gun came from or who shot Ms. Barnes-Joseph. Remy's bail was set for $250,000 and is due in court August 14.

If I were Remy, you damn right I would be highly upset that my friend asked me for $2,000 and just by chance it got up and walked out of my purse. Personally I have had friends steal from me before and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth…wow is this a coincidence or an incident? You tell me!

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