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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Is Bembe Thursday Biased?


Lawd woooew... mi can't believe mi read pan bout Bembe Thursday... it an open air event where ladies enter free.... Bout di selectors biased and playing the Alliance alone...... come on somebody tell if this is true... read dis yah... please please....

A number of dancehall insiders have been complaining that the Bembe Squad which plays at Bembe Thursdays in St. Andrew is biased towards the Alliance."Dem fi just rename it Alliance Thursdays and done," one disgusted dancehall-goer told

"The selector dem disgusting, everywhere dem go, dem play the same way but it more obvious at Bembe because everybody there just biased towards the Alliance. Is not like dem just pro-Alliance, dem anti-everybody else, so when dem a play Beenie Man, dem talk over him song, or turn him down, and den dem give Killa the big forward, dem neva used to play Einstein, but now from him say Alliance, him ah get the go."

Still, quality is the benchmark by which the public judges songs and there are artistes who are breaking through the cracks to earn their forwards at Bembe Thursdays."

Yes, they are biased but right now, dem haffi play some artistes out de who nah say Alliance. Dem haffi play Kartel's Wine Pon You and dem haffi play Beenie Man's Back It Up, as a matter of fact, when dem two tunes de play, the dance done, ah dem a get the biggest forward right now, yu caan go round the gal dem ting," one observer said."

When Kartel Wine Pon You play, it connect, a real connect not a normal connect, and mi hear nuff a selector dem say Kartel ah good yute now...ah true dem caan go round him and even though two selector get disrespect by him, right now, him ting solid in the streets."

Other artistes who are getting the forwards in the dance are Tarrus Riley, small island artiste Pressure whose Love and Affection is a favourite and Ginjah's Music Alone."Certain songs the selectors dem caan go round, Mavado still the hottest ting right now, but other people deserve some play," another observer told

Promoter and selector for Bembe Thursdays Richie Feelings, could not be reached for comments.

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