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Tuesday, May 1, 2007



You know I am a DUTTY FRIDAZE fan so u know I went to capture some Kodak moments......

Yow people the road dem block up...STONE LOVE had di people dem rocking tik a morning.....

Tell mi if mi uh great ... mi baddda up the promoter 2Gran an tek im picha... yeah mi di cross angry misreable like di Warlord Bounty Killa..... yeah a me dat Mystri.. yeahhh.. .an di dancers dem rolll out ...

Yow people the Ding Dong new early 80's rapper image a walk and talk like bad man...... the image lock di place mi nahh lie.....

Dancer Doctor Bird have the New York New York dance move locked.. a im create it..... Doctor Bird yuh busss mi yout

Sadiki stop cry over how dem broke iina him house... im a drink a guinness an hug up KC Jockey manager Tesah.... Gwan mi yout... HEYYY Snowman... Sadiki yuh talk gwaan every selector a endorse it...

Yeah si di dancers dem a unite....AGAIN.... Boysie, Sherlock Crew and Ding Dong

Di Area Code Selectors gwaan good... A dem lock Prendy's pan di Beach on a Sunday

Bwoy Lutan Fyah yuh tune Save Di Juvenille... gwaannnn

.... Big up mi rasta bredren

People..everytime mi drive pan di road .. mi here di bus dem a play RDX tune Dance Dance.. it a lock di city... dem yout work hard... dem a campaign di tune hard.... plus wat is more impressive about di duo is that they produce and wrote di tune...great work RDX!!!!

The Vendors a lock di place......

DUTTY FRIDAZE patrons enjoying themselves..

DUTTY FRIDAZE Foriegn Invasion-
American, Japeneese & Lithuanian

Crauchizz Morning!!!!!

Yow mi jus a cut an go tru... Keep sending me your feedback



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