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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Irie Fm - Capleton, KC Jockey, Vybz Kartel, Macka Diamond donates to charity

Capleton, KC Jockey, Macka Diamond & Vybz Kartel and other artistes big up!!!!!!


I must say I a really pleased that several artistes in dis a raging music industry donated funds to Tredegar All-Age School so mi a go big dem up... mi know you will like that right don't it..... yeah ...yuh a di basss. Bwoy I had to big up Irie Fm and di crew Kashima Francis, Joy, Rashana, Andrea Williams-Green, Robert Williams and di crew to cordinate such a project......

Other artistes like Macki Concious, Martin X.. big up... yeah man.. Jah Bless

Mi di go Sunday and watch dem build di classroom... fi real I felt proud...... Di rasta dem came out fi fine colours man... bingi... drumming, singing.. yow it was a real reaaaal feeling......

Bless up Irie FM.....

A suh it fi go man.. .share some a di money

KC Jockey ..yeah man keep giving to charity like you always do.....

Macka Diamond..... you love money...moneeeeo.. big up girl .. yuh love money but yuh a share it.... yeah man Jah Bless mi sista

Vybz Kartel.. yuh a mi doops .. bless up... mi hear sey yuh have a Education Foundation.. proud a yuh and yuh Portmore Empire..

Why mi haffi love Irie Fm... dem a big mi up si mi... Ron Muchette & Prince on the Wake up Call.. yeah..yeah big up...... (I am accepting a grammy award) I wanna thank God, my mom, my dad, my fans... yeah mi mad but a just di vibes

Yow that is great ....... Di artistes dem a give back... Jah wi bless unuh

Blessed Love


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