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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Downsounds To Sue Nanko


Yow.. you get the story dem fassss eeehhh... Lawdd have mercy Jo Bogdanovich a sue Nanko...... wat a passa.....

Read di yah story pan

It had been rumoured in dancehall circles that Nanko was on the verge of parting ways with Downsound Records and now it appears to be official. Downsound Records now plans to sue Nanko for breach of received a statement from the company that scored two number one hits with Nanko outlines their position on the recent breakdown between the two parties.

Nanko has been signed to Downsound Records and Jo Bogdanovich in production and management contracts since December, 2005. By virtue of these agreements Downsound has expended a significant sum of US dollars for recordings, videos, personal expenses and the promotion of recordings and the artist Nanko, the release said.

In response to concerns raised by Nanko, his mother and their representative Vonnie McGowan, the management contract between Downsound and Nanko was modified and a new agreement signed on March 23rd 2007.

Immediately upon the signing of the new contract Nanko left Jamaica and has refused to take calls from Downsound or to respond to emails and other attempts to communicate with a view to following up on performance obligations secured by booking agents engaged by Downsound to represent Nanko.As a consequence Downsound has had to contact several promoters to cancel engagements and has suffered sever damage to its business reputation and incurred significant financial losses.

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