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Saturday, May 26, 2007

'I can get any girl I want' - Shebada responds to girlfriend's

People mi nuh really inna di passa passa ting and di mix up ting wid nuh baddi but...mi read dis pan one876entertainment.... an mi haffi share it wid yuh... mouth is powerful eeehhhhhhhh... ladies si why unuh haffi careful when yuh ready date a man because unuh haffi check dem file before yu go venture and buck up pan di wrong soul...... read dah story yah..... pure confusion...ah who really a talk di truth?????.....

Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay is insisting that his ex-fiancee Keisha Shaw was madly in love with him but because of 'family pressures', she has disowned their love."She get coward, she fraida her family and her whoring sister. She loves me, ah she did look me, she beg me literally fi de wid har from earlier this year," he said.

A.K.A: But people are saying that you are telling lie on the 'pums'.SHEBADA: "Me can get any girl mi want, Keisha wanted sex but certain practices mi just not into."A.K.A: Certain practices? What do you mean? Oral sex?

SHEBADA: "No, I am more old-fashioned than you think, I attend the Franklin Town Church of God, I want to wait until after I am married. She wanted to have sex with me, she came to my room after a show, and we were kissing and there was heavy petting and she wanted sex but I wanted to wait until after we were married and now, she is telling the papers that I am lying. She is just afraid of her family.

"We have noticed an advertisement on local cable station HYPE YV with Shebada hugging a female who says she is Keisha and they will be 'talking the things' on next week's airing of Caribbean Shine.
Ladies remeba I did tell you fi check out di man dem file where ever yuh can fine it.. myspace, courthouse, ex-girfren, frens, bredrens... because it a hurt mi heart fi dem...because weh mi a si inna di dance nuh pretty.... a son right bout but mi haffi fine di right pic fi show yuh bad..... but mi nuh biznizzz wid people...suh life go still..


Anna said...

Shebada needs a life.. a batty bwoy dat

Rasta Man said...

Weh im a chat sey.... im fi gwey

Anonymous said...

dah bwoy deh too lie mi know keisha him need fi leggo off ah mi friend name poor di girl a peer cry she ah cry b/c ah dilie dem wah him ah tell pon her poor ting

she-na-boda yuh seh it yuhself 'yuh deh pon di borda line"