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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Selecta Foota Hype collects money for Shiloh Basic School at Dutty Fridaze


Well the hot news from DUTTY Fridaze this week is that popular selecta Foota Hype from the Alliance used the power of the microphone to demand money from all the celebrities present at Dutty Fridaze to raise funds for Shiloh Basic School in Fletchers Land...... Foota Hype jus sey "√činstein yuh have big tune now, sen aon some money.. Coolio Coolio jus come from prison and him drop a ting... "

But what made me laugh was when a man said 'Play de music nuh"... Foota Hype just mudd him up and and said "Louw mi mek mi collect money fi di school"... Bwoy if I had a Street Vibes Humanitarian Award I would have given it to Foot Hype...... BIG UP FOOTA HYPE!!!! Nuff respect!!!!!

Then he anounced every donation collected over the mic so the patrons knew how much money was given to the school...... Witty from Hot Mondays the coordinator of the school rebuilding programme said thanks and collected over $10,000 Jamaican dollars, US, Pound, Bahamian, Canadian and coins....... all some money weh cant even change..just joking!!!!!!

See Dancehall music help out our youths... some badmind people keep knocking wi music dem fi guh wey..

Witty, Kiki, yuh large keep up the great work....

Dancehall music and DUTTY FRIDAZE wins again!!!!!!!!!!

Well Passa Passa is coming back hot again...WATCH OUT FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! Scrapy, 2Gran, CD Master, Twin Star yuh large!!!!!!......

Stampede mi si yuh a promote yuh artiste KC Jockey wid the 7ft board and the Mobay girls dem a wine up pan the big picha a DUTTY FRIDAZE..... Yuh nuh easy... YUH a de man with the Streeet Vibes si mi...


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