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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jamaican Dancer Sadiki Robbed

Well of course I have to let you know what is happening fresh like a fruit. Of course I was at my place Dutty Fridaze and to my surprise I heard the big popular dancer(Mr Harlem) Sadiki was talking on the mic when I heard him say that they stole his clothes.

So of course me with my fass self when went to get the news like hot bread. I asked how the clothes thing go and Sadiki said that he -Sadiki went out one night and when he came home saw his door was kicked off and all his clothes and trophies where stolen.. I just said to him 'Thank God yuh still alive'...

Sadiki you talk sell offfffffffffffff... HEYYYYYYYYYY... ... It bad mi nah lie...

Yuh tune on Maestro (Swatch International Selector) Riddin baddddddddddddd.

Maestro yuh Rich this year!!!!!!! CONGRATS...... Nuh Sey Nutten
Bless up all the Dancers and wanna be dancers!!!!!!!

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