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Sunday, March 25, 2007

MUMZEL - Hottest Female Dancer in Dancehall...She is HOTTTT!!!!


I guess you must be wondering who the hell is this well is me Mystri a young entrepenurer from jamaica who has been in the Jamaica's entertainment industry for the past 15 years and I just decided to start featuring some of Jamaica's popular people who are hot and who are not.

So I decided to feature a young lady called Alica aka MUMZEL who I first saw a Passa Passa that won a dance contest. She created the dance Movements for the artiste KC Jockey song Party Spirit on the Raging Bull Riddim.

If you watch all the latest Passa Passa, Dutty Fridaze , Goodas Satdays DVDS you will hear the name MUMZEL & The Swizzle Body Girls. If you want to hear the PARTY SPIRIT listen to it on The girls hot again in the dance watch out Dutty Wine and Hot Wuk ... Movements is coming to take over....

Read more about MUMZEL:-
Calender Girl
*Irie Fm Calendar Girl - 2006

* feature Girl 2006

*Kingston Beer march Calendar Girl 2007

* feature Girl 2007 -

If you want to view more pics MUMZEL click on and

MUMZEL has been featured in music videos namely Tek Weh Yuhself -Vegas and Step - Kris Kelly...

Watch out world Mumzel is coming to hot up the place.!!!!!

Photo Credit: Peter Dean Rickards

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