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Monday, October 1, 2007

Ban on Elephant & Sizzla

There are heightened calls to ban Elephant Man and Sizzla from performing at multiple concerts in Canada from gay rights groups. This opposition is becoming quite frequent for reggae dancehall artists when on tour. The groups claim that the Sizzla and Elephant Man "perform music it says incites violence against gays and lesbians." Toronto based group, Canadian Caribbean Human Rights Group, are calling Sizzla and Elephant Man by name stating they are both known for their antigay lyrics. "Compared to these two, (rapper) Eminem is much less expressive in inciting violence and murder," said Akim Larcher, a spokesperson for the Stop Murder Music campaign."Artists have the right to free speech, but their presence in Canada can be perceived as a licence to incite violence.
Canada has banned anti-Jew, anti-black people from entering the country. This should be no different.""Concert promoters have a responsibility not to provide a platform for artists that openly promote violence against any group in society," said Helen Kennedy, executive director of Egale Canada, a campaign supporter. "We hope that the promoters will do the right thing and cancel these concerts."Thus far the venue for the Elephant Man venue in St. Catharines has been cancelled. Read more on ttgapers


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