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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Norris Man beaten by Sizzla’s entourage

What a way Norris Man persistent! The man cause two riot at St. Mary Mi Come From when an army of bobos descended on him and beat him to a pulp after he told Sizzla to 'suck his madda' while both of them were onstage.
Norris Man had been waiting backstage while Sizzla was performing an extended set. Norris Man walked onstage and began to perform. He told Norris Man to behave himself and leave the stage, and then Norris Man blurted out what could have been his death warrant when he said 'suck yu madda'.

Sizzla simply said, 'what yu tell me 'bout mi madda' and suddenly, a small army of turban-wearing men began to beat Norris Man savagely. In the meantime, Sizzla continued to deejay as if nothing had happened.

The onstage altercation caused a melee at the front of the stage, as some rastafarians in the crowd began to jump onstage in an earnest attempt to beat Norris Man as well. Capleton was able to restore order with a long stream of expletives and the show resumed. However, later, Norris Man returned onstage and appealed to the people, 'see what dem do me' and this time, he was boxed and mauled, and dragged off the stage like a ragdoll by another set of angry rastafarians. The crowd was terrified by what they were witnessing and there were several mini-stampedes throughout the packed venue.

One man shouted in awe: "Ah suicide Norris Man waah commit, why him go up there again?'

Source: 876entertainment


Shortiss said...

My how hypocrisy has reared its ugly head yet again. On the one hand, we hear how the gun man should put down de gun, and have love for your brethren. On the other hand, we see a derrogatory comment facilitating the same criers for peace conducting a brutal assault on the same "brethren". To learn it and sing it is one thing, to practise it is something completely different altogether, so sad. De whole a dem should shave dey head...

Anonymous said...

Some say they are this, some say they are that...Rasta?

Anonymous said...

Bout dem a rasta...prophets?