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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Beenie Man diss D'Angel in Negril

Did Beenie Man really diss Angel at the RTI Pretty in Pink party over the holiday weekend?

The deejay, freestyling on Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls number one hit, deejayed the following lyrics:
Angel, she's a beautiful girl
But mi nah go mek she wreck mi world
And have me suicidal
From yu gi weh the pussy, mi ah go gi weh the cocky
Yu should’n come ramp wid a ole dawg like me

Then he deejayed another verse which we didn't quite catch but which ended with 'girl have to pretty like Barbee'.

When One876Entertainment contacted D'Angel said she heard about the song, but refused to comment on what was said. Word on the street is that she may be penning her own song about the passa passa of the last three weeks.

D'Angel recently voiced a song with Macka Diamond titled Hide, a track clearly directed at Barbee. Click to listen to the track

The two had a large publicized wedding last year and recently had an equally huge break up which becam public after local Media published a picture of Beenie Man embracing Barbee at the recently concluded Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay.


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